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ALICE Fiction – turn-based game developed on the theme of virtual reality. This is definitely one of the most loved genres of the future. So what about this latest super product? Find out more in this APPNGON article.


If you’ve been following the SAO anime, you’ll probably remember the virtual reality game console. It allows players to log in and experience the game like a real person. And this ALICE Fiction game has similar content.

ALICE Fiction has all the features of a futuristic virtual reality game. The combat world in the game is a virtual world. The characters are similar.

Also, if you are confident with your luck with the gacha feature, try your luck. If you can make 5-star characters, you will quickly become a master.

So, how to play?



ALICE Fiction is a turn-based strategy game. Players will use owned characters to form the strongest squad.

The maximum lineup is 5 characters and 5 support memory cards for each character.

The character system is divided into different attributes and positions.

– Attributes include: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, Light and Dark.

– Characters with attributes favoring: Def, Atk, Debuff, Buff, Recover.

In addition, each character has one of two types of damage: Phys Atk and Spec Atk.

Making characters stronger in ALICE Fiction is extremely simple. Can level up, Grade, level up Sill, increase the number of stars.

To increase the number of stars, it is necessary to have enough pieces and gold coins to definitely level up.

To own a free 5 star character is almost impossible. Free diamonds due to rewards cannot be returned to receive 5 stars.

The game has many game modes: Story Quest, Events Quest, Boss fight, Log Exchange, Event Missions.

The gameplay is very special. There will be a horizontal line, the characters in the team will appear randomly in it. Try to find as many as 2 or 3 of the same characters. With a very short time, quickly click continuously.

Features & Experience


– In the beginning, work hard to complete the Story Quest section. There are many features unlocked thanks to the level and the number of levels to complete.

– If you want to enjoy the feeling of owning a 5-star character. Set up as many accounts, do the quest to get a free 5 star character spin. If out, continue, otherwise create a new account.

– Don’t miss the first few days. This is the time to earn a lot of free gold and diamonds.

– Only when all 5 positions in the team are opened will they begin to explore new parts.

– ALICE Fiction is a game with 2d graphics, the characters are just right. But the most prominent is the main screen, which can replace the character here into any character you own.


ALICE Fiction isn’t really pretty or brilliant. But this is a fresh start to the virtual reality game theme. Play and feel the difference for years to come.

Rating 8/10.

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