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Apple Knight is an exciting platformer game that is available for download on various platforms, including Android and iOS. The game features a medieval fantasy world where you play as a brave knight who embarks on a journey to rescue the princess and save the kingdom from evil. With challenging levels, dangerous enemies, and various power-ups, Apple Knight promises an engaging gaming experience for all players. So, if you are looking for a fun and challenging platformer game, don’t hesitate to download Apple Knight today.


Apple knight gameplay

Apple Knight is a 2D platformer game that follows the story of a brave knight named Apple who sets out on a quest to save his kingdom from an evil sorcerer. The game is set in a beautiful, colorful world full of dangers and secrets. The gameplay is very similar to classic platformers, with Apple navigating through levels by jumping, running, and attacking enemies with his sword.

The levels are filled with enemies, traps, and obstacles, such as spikes, fire, and moving platforms. Apple has three hearts, and he loses one each time he takes damage. Once he loses all three hearts, he will need to start the level from the beginning. However, there are various power-ups scattered throughout the levels that can help him, such as health potions, shields, and extra lives.

Apple can collect coins along the way, which he can use to purchase new weapons, armor, and items from the in-game store. The weapons range from swords and axes to bows and wands, each with its unique properties and stats. The armor, on the other hand, can boost Apple’s defense and give him new abilities, such as double jumping or a stronger sword.

The game features over 40 levels, each with its unique theme, enemies, and boss. The bosses are challenging and require strategic thinking and quick reflexes to defeat. The game also has a hidden level in each world that players can unlock by finding a secret key in the regular levels.

Game modes

Apple knight game

Apple Knight is a 2D platformer game that follows a linear level-based structure. Each level has different challenges, enemies, and obstacles for the player to overcome. The game features several game modes, including:

  • Story Mode: This is the main game mode where players progress through the game’s story by completing levels and defeating bosses.
  • Challenge Mode: In this mode, players can play through levels with special rules or restrictions. For example, players might need to complete a level without taking any damage, or they might have to finish it within a certain time limit.
  • Endless Mode: In this mode, players can play through an endless stream of randomly generated levels to see how far they can get.
  • Boss Rush: This mode allows players to face off against all the game’s bosses one after the other, testing their skills against increasingly challenging opponents.
  • Hardcore Mode: A mode for experienced players where enemies have more health and do more damage, and checkpoints are fewer and far between.
  • Speedrun Mode: In this mode, players compete against the clock to complete levels as quickly as possible.

Each mode provides a unique experience and challenges for players to enjoy.


Apple knight boss

In Apple Knight, there are various skills that players can acquire and use to enhance their gameplay. These skills can be obtained by purchasing them from the skill tree using in-game currency or by finding them hidden throughout the levels. Some of the skills available in the game include:

  • Double jump – Allows the player to jump twice in mid-air.
  • Dash – Enables the player to dash forward quickly, allowing them to cover ground more quickly and dodge enemy attacks.
  • Wall climb – Allows the player to climb up walls, opening up new areas to explore and access.
  • Ground pound – Allows the player to slam down onto the ground, dealing damage to enemies and breaking through weak floors.
  • Shield – Creates a shield around the player, blocking incoming attacks for a limited time.

Each skill has its own unique advantages and can be combined with other skills to create powerful combos. Players can experiment with different combinations of skills to find the ones that work best for their playstyle.


– Master the Controls: The first step to success in Apple Knight is to master the controls. Make sure you are comfortable with the movement, attack, jump, and dodge buttons before jumping into the game.

– Upgrade Your Equipment: As you progress through the game, you’ll earn coins and gems that you can use to upgrade your equipment. This includes your sword, armor, and other accessories. Focus on upgrading your sword and armor first to improve your combat abilities.

– Experiment with Different Combos: Apple Knight has a lot of different combos that you can use to defeat enemies. Take the time to experiment with different combos and find the ones that work best for your playstyle.

– Use Your Skills Wisely: Apple Knight features a variety of skills that you can use to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles. Make sure you use these skills wisely, as they have a cooldown period and can’t be used constantly.

– Take Advantage of Power-Ups: Throughout the game, you’ll come across power-ups that can help you in your quest. These include health potions, temporary invincibility, and more. Make sure you take advantage of these power-ups when you find them.

– Be Patient: Apple Knight can be challenging at times, so it’s important to be patient and persistent. If you’re having trouble with a particular level, take a break and come back to it later.

– Explore Everywhere: Apple Knight is full of secrets and hidden areas, so make sure you explore everywhere you can. You never know what kind of treasure or power-up you might find.

– Save Your Progress: Be sure to save your progress regularly so that you don’t lose any of your hard-earned progress. You can save your progress by accessing the menu and selecting “Save.”

– Have Fun: Above all, remember to have fun! Apple Knight is a challenging and rewarding game, so enjoy the journey and don’t get too hung up on any one level or challenge.


In conclusion, Apple Knight is an enjoyable platformer game that offers a unique gaming experience. With its retro-style graphics, exciting gameplay, and challenging levels, it is sure to keep players engaged and entertained for hours. The variety of skills, equipment, and game modes also adds depth and replayability to the game. Whether you’re a fan of classic platformers or just looking for a fun and challenging game, Apple Knight is definitely worth downloading.

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