Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans – the most attractive online army-building strategy game on the phone. If you are a fan of the empire building genre, then Clash of Clans will be a masterpiece that you cannot ignore.


Clash of Clans where you and your friends can fight and grow together. Each person builds a kingdom, then forms a guild and fights other forces.

The game plays for a long time, the player will be both the attacker and the object of the attack.

The game is extremely suitable for those who love long-term development games. Professional and exemplary development.

So how is the gameplay of Clash of Clans? See below with APPNGON.

Gameplay Clash of clans


Clash of Clans features a typical development game. The two main currencies in the game are gold and elixir. Build these resource houses to continuously mine.

To become stronger in Clash of Clans, there is only way to advance to higher levels. After leveling up the main house, new buildings will appear, upgrading military buildings, resources, and storage to new levels. The number of buildings is always limited by the level of the main house.

The game also challenges the player with the ability to defend against attacks. Your task is to build your stronghold to successfully defend against the attacks of other players. With the same number of troops carried each match, now it’s time to see who’s at the higher level.

Fighting with other players is the fastest way to earn gold and elixir. The more their inventory, the more gold and elixir.

After each battle, used units will disappear. As such, after each battle you will need to return to the military house to continue training.

The works are independent of each other. Leveling up the main house only unlocks new buildings. In order for buildings to level up, they need to be upgraded.

Join a guild and battle other players through events. This is also the place to get more resources.

Features & Experience


– The game has a memory capacity of up to 1GB. But the game does not require a high-configuration gaming device. Cheap phones can still play.

– The game does not require continuous entry. After upgrading you can exit the game and wait for them to do it themselves. Doesn’t take too much time to play and care.

– Challenge the player’s ability to build and develop. Defensive work is always more difficult.

– The number of workers is limited. By default we will have 2 builders. The work of upgrading and building works needs these workers. Thus, the more workers, the faster the development. This building needs to be built with diamonds.

– There are 3 game modes for us to practice and fight. The training area is a place to earn gold and learn the effects of different units.

– Perform challenging tasks to receive attractive gifts according to the milestones.

– The game cohiw not only has one map, when we reach enough levels we will be taken to many new lands. Upgrade warriors to make them stronger.


If you are looking for a professional building strategy game and long play then don’t miss this clash of clans game. It will draw you to this whole new world. In particular, the game has a small capacity and can be played on most phones.

Rating: 8/10

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