Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom – action role-playing game in an attractive cartoon style. Are you a player who loves action and development games? So Cookie Run: Kingdom will be a good choice in this genre. Let’s find out more in this article with APPNGON.


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a separate world of cookie and candy warriors.

Start the game with the journey to destroy the evil witch of the strongest warriors in the cookie kingdom. However, this is an unexpected ending. The evil witch has won. But then she disappeared.

1000 years later, our main character is the sesame cake boy. Running away from the pursuit of evil cookies. Help him defeat them and discover the kingdom of Cookie Run: Kingdom and the secret behind that historic war.

Gameplay Cookie Run: Kingdom


Gameplay Cookie Run: Kingdom includes two main game modes. One is role playing with dangerous candy forces. Divided by separate maps, levels and bosses. This mode is also the training ground for cookie warriors. The second is to build a peaceful and prosperous cookie kingdom for all cookie friends.

The interesting point in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom is the collection of cookie warriors. You must collect the molds to return to the wizarding house to create new warriors.

The warriors are also divided into strong and weak, different advantages. It’s completely random how we create warriors. Depending on the luck, there will be legendary cookies. They will have higher attribute strength and also higher damage.

In the battle screen we do not need much control. Auto can be selected to automatically hit and use skills. Of course, it will not be as effective or optimal as the operator. If you don’t fight a strong boss, it won’t be a problem.

The work of building Cookie Run: Kingdom is quite similar to games like: Clash of Clans. Build the necessary houses and then level up the main house. Along with the leveling of the main house, new land areas can be expanded. As new buildings appear, upgrade old ones.

Features & Play Experience


– Complete daily quests and roll call to earn rare molds to create more cookie warriors.

– Biscuit warriors are divided into many different jobs. Such as: healer, assassin, mage, wounded warrior. Corresponding to it are 3 rows of different positions in the squad before the battle.

– Level up the strongest warriors to the highest possible level. Use experience candies to bring these warriors into the main squad.

– Cookie Arena game mode: a place to fight real players against each other. We can create an offensive formation and a defensive formation. That way, the position will be safer when someone else is your opponent.

– System of diverse game maps: Enjoy fighting to increase the power of cookie warriors.


Cookie Run: Kingdom is suitable for those who love cartoon graphics and images. Play for a long time, pickaxe style. Especially have a hobby of building a kingdom for themselves.

Rating 9/10.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom
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