Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must Die – the best offline adventure game on mobile. You definitely have to play at least once to see the perspective of foods that work and attack people. A story that seemed only in cartoons, has now been produced into a video game. Read more in this article by APPNGON.


The beginning of Cookies Must Die is the scene where a confectionery machine has been hit by a lightning bolt. It suddenly became conscious and perfected its products. But the strange thing is that it automatically has hostility towards humans.

Next will be the scene of our main character. One person was experimented to be able to use the jet engine to attack those walking cakes.

They look so massive, but they are extremely easy to defeat.

Curious about how to play? Continue reading.



The gameplay of Cookies Must Die is not difficult. The character will use the jet set to move and attack the cookies. Our task is to determine the flight direction for the engine.

You can think of the way to move like the characters in attack on titan. Instead of shooting hooks, it’s now just choosing the direction to fly and attack.

Cookies Must Die game has a lot of different game maps. Each map will be a brand new character representing each map. To unlock, it is necessary to accumulate a sufficient number of puzzle pieces.

Characters in the game can be strengthened by leveling up. Each time you level up, your HP will also increase.

Also, equip items and weapons. That’s right, there are tons of weapons, equipment, and items in the game. Not only equipment, but can also upgrade them.

To upgrade, just use the gold coins earned in each level. But it will take a long time to accumulate when entering high levels.

You don’t need internet to play Cookies Must Die game. It is completely offline to play.

The game also allows you to get more rewards by watching ads. You can choose it.

Features & Experience


– Beautifully designed game graphics in cartoon style. The image is designed quite meticulously, although there are not too many different types of cookies, it is enough.

– You will love the feeling of discovering new maps. New characters, more to look forward to.

– Unique and separate gameplay. Simple and you will love the freedom of this way of playing.

– The system of support items is diverse, many different types. Especially the weapon system to help players have more interesting experiences.

– Unlimited upgrade features with characters, items, weapons. Enjoy spending gold coins earned in the game.

– Cookies Must Die is a free, free to play and completely offline game. Suitable for the needs of many players.

– Diverse maps, unlocked with free maps. Increase user experience.


Do you like light adventure offline games? So download Cookies Must Die. It’s completely free, offline play, low capacity. You will love its content.

Rating 8.5/10

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