Coromon – attractive offline 2d game for phones. Coromon is about the adventure of acquiring and raising pokemon. The game has a familiar theme, but many players have been waiting for a long time. So what’s so attractive about Coromon?


Coromon is an offline game that has completed the plot. Each player participating will be a different adventure. The plot will be changed according to the player’s answers. The adventure, collecting pokemon will also vary according to the strategy and playstyle of each person.

The main plot of the game revolves around the adventure journey of the main character. In the land of Coromon, every boy and girl who reaches adulthood will be out on adventures, collecting pokemon. The main character is no exception, but only the last one to start.

The game is designed in Japanese style. High-speed trains, wild countryside to modern cities with many different types of pokemon. This will definitely be an unforgettable adventure for many players.

Gameplay Coromon


The control buttons of Coromon are quite simple. Only includes a simulated round button to move the character, a shoe-shaped accelerator button.

In pokemon battles, we just need to click to select attack skills, use items, switch between possessed or run away pokemon.

Running away from strong pokemon is very important. Because if all pokemon are defeated, the game will be over. So only fight weaker or countered pokemon.

After each battle, the pokemon will receive a certain amount of experience. Even pokemon that don’t go to battle will gain experience.

The way to play Coromon is turn-based solo combat. Pokemon on both sides will attack in turn. It is this that you will need to determine the strength of the pokemon to have the choice of fighting or running away.

Support items are extremely important. There is recovery, there is increased experience, and there is a treasure to capture pokemon.

Important Note: Don’t ignore the places where the play is stored. After being defeated, we will be returned to this storage place to start over.

Features & Experience


– In the early stages: Focus on finding weaker pokemon to fight. Help the pokemon you own quickly level up to be able to enter new areas.

– System of tasks to complete to receive rewards.

– The plot will be what helps people find the game better. Spend some time reading along the conversations.

– Coromon is an offline game so play without the net, even if the internet connection is not advertised.

– We can save the game screen and start a new journey at the main screen.

– As long as the pokemon is completely defeated, the game will be over.


Coromon is suitable for those who are persistent. Because the speed of the game can not be fast, because only when the pokemon are strong enough can they go far. The game has 2d graphics, so the capacity is low, it can be played on all phones.

Rating: 8.2/10

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