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Crossing Void – a turn-based strategy game not to be missed by anime game fans. Just being a fan of any famous anime series, you will also want to join this game. Read more information in this article by APPNGON.


If you have a hobby of watching famous Japanese anime movies. Then try your hand at the system of the most famous characters in the Anime world.

Crossing Void is considered a battle between famous anime characters. The opportunity to own and compete among the strongest characters. Do you remember Kirito, Asuna, Mikoto, Touma, Lyfa, Frolaytia, Izaya, Kuroneko,…

The characters are fully taken from different parts of the series. Make sure to come here, many of you have wanted to download the game to your phone to play right away. Calm down, read more about its gameplay.

Gameplay Crossing Void


Crossing Void is a turn-based game. Or side will attack and defend in turn. It’s over until whichever side is defeated first.

The player’s task will be to collect the strongest characters in the anime. Then pair each other to combine attacks. With each different pair, there will be different new skills, as well as different attributes.

However, two characters paired together will be a public and a support. It is not possible to pair two attacks together or vice versa. Each player has a maximum of 3 positions in the squad, corresponding to 6 characters.

Exactly. The top characters will be attacked first, then turn to the following positions. The exception is with ensemble skills. So it’s good to find a pair of characters that take the first hit or damage first.

To strengthen the characters in many ways: leveling up, increasing the number of stars for the character, adding equipment or upgrading skills,…Let’s perform the stories and quests to receive gold coins and help items. stronger character.

Character skills are unlocked by level and number of stars.

This game is quite easy, when we join the war, we can choose Auto to beat ourselves. And the option to lock the couples’ unwanted skills.

In the game screen, the skills of the characters are numbered 0, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10. This is the energy indicator needed to activate the skill. Corresponding to it will be a plus point to accumulate energy for the next character to use. When a character uses the strongest skill, the mana will be recalculated from the beginning.

Features & Experience


– The character system is diverse and divided by levels: A, B, C, S, … The rarer the character, the higher the attribute score.

– Upgrading the number of stars for the character will be a must for all players. To upgrade, you need to accumulate enough items, to get 2 stars is quite simple. But to get to 3, 4, 5 stars, it will take more time.

– Each character can equip up to 4 positions. Characters cannot share equipment. Weapons can be upgraded to become stronger and gain more attributes.

– The game has simple 2d graphics, does not need a lot of manipulation to play or the device must have a strong configuration.

– Diverse game mode system: Story, Challenge, Guild,

– The game is quite boring when the skill effects are repeated.

– Crossing Void is a real gacha game. If you’re lucky, you can own a full S character cast at no cost.


Crossing Void is a great choice for fans of anime and gacha games. Graphics are not unique, but the plot and diverse character system is an irresistible attraction.

Rating 8.5/10

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