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Diablo Immortal – the latest and most attractive mobile action role-playing game in recent times. Are you curious about this game? Read this article of APPNGON.


Diablo Immortal Mobile will be an indispensable product for any fan of the Diablo PC game. Such a fighting style game. Of course, there are many differences, because this is a mobile game and an online game.

The game Diablo Immortal is relatively heavy, for a mid-range phone, perhaps a bit reluctant to play. The game is completely free on all Android and iOS devices.

So how will the gameplay of Diablo Immortal be? Find out below.

Gameplay Diablo Immortal


At the beginning of the game, we will be able to choose one of many different characters. Including: magician, summoner, Shaolin master, vikings warrior, archer. Each character has two choices of shaping, male or female.

We can also customize more characters in terms of shape, face, hair, eye style, … to become more unique and suitable for players.

The player’s task is to accompany his character through quests and dungeons to become stronger.

Most of the quests are tied to different dungeons and maps.

During the first phase you just need to focus on the task and complete it. Reaching level 35 is the real start of the game. With more missions, more maps and clones to choose from for training.

Players can combine to form a group to perform difficult missions or copies.

When joining Clans you should contact, create new relationships with people. Because there are many quests that need support from other players in the group. If no one can be contacted, it cannot be done.

Features & Experience


– The quality of graphics and story will be what you feel worth when you have to spend a lot of space for Diablo Immortal game. Experience it and you will find it truly amazing.

– A large and diverse number of characters: Each character has a completely different set of skills and equipment. Some equipment locations will be unlocked by level.

– Weapons and equipment rank divisions. In addition to the rank, there will be additional locations for inlaying gems, increasing the attributes of weapons.

– Each equipped position will have its own additional attributes. Like increase HP, attack, mana, increase critical damage, increase critical rate with attacks or skills,…

– Invite friends to join is a good suggestion. Because many activities will need quality teammates. Especially combining many characters to form a complete squad.

– Instead of deleting unused equipment, forge them into the necessary materials to level up.

– There is always a pause, the end of the mission to gain experience. You will need to combine with teammates to join auto in copies to level up.


Diablo Immortal is one of the best action role-playing games right now. If you have enough space and quality, you should choose this game. The downside of the game is that it takes a long time to level up. It is very difficult to own a yellow or red equipment

Rating 7.8/10

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