Fortnite – the most innovative and fastest online shooting game on the mobile game market. Possessing a unique gameplay that has attracted millions of gamers worldwide. Join APPNGON to find out what Fortnite has to offer!


The game Fortnite is currently one of the competitors of PUBG, Garena Free Fire, etc. But Fortnite has always had an unshakable position.

Fortnite stands out with its collectible, construction mode combined with modern survival shooter genre. Fortnite is considered a difficult game.

Currently, Fortnite is not available on the Play Store in some countries. Don’t worry, just download Fortnite APK to play.

Gameplay Fortnite


Fortnite gameplay is rated as very good. Players will be able to choose their own control panel. Support auto-fire or manual. For new players, this is really great support.

Like most other competitive games, each level will be a game of life and death. With the same starting point, choose the drop down and skydive.

The difference of Fortnite from other games is that it is not necessary to jump into the building. You can jump into a place with trees to choose to collect materials and build buildings.

The number of weapons that can be equipped is up to 3 main weapons. Now we will have more options.

In survival mode, you will have to fight with 99 other players. With such numbers, the wars will take place quite soon. For a new player, this is a real challenge.

Features & Play Experience


– If your gaming device has enough space, choose the highest quality for the best experience in terms of images and graphics. You will surely fall in love with it because it is so beautiful.

– Create youthful European-style characters.

– The map is designed in a realistic and modern style. Although not as meticulous as other games, it feels extremely professional.

– Armor and HP stats are clearer than other games. You can see it in the top left corner, next to the map.

– Fortnite more diverse equipment and weapons.

– The longer you live, the more experience you get and level up in battle.

– Fortnite has more tactics to choose from. If you are confident with your individual skills, you can move around constantly looking for opponents. On the contrary, choose strategic locations to wait for other players.

– Fortnite’s map feels larger and closer to real life.


Fortnite is a really great online shooter game with friends. When it is possible to assign separate tasks to be able to support each other. Although you are not good at shooting, you can choose to build to support. For maximum experience, the memory capacity is quite large. You will need to get used to the control operation, it is quite different from other names in the same genre.

Rating 8.5/10.

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