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Garena Free Fire Max – The best choice in the online survival shooter genre? Maybe this is a question many players have when they don’t know whether to choose Free Fire or Free Fire Max? So let’s find out in this article to better understand the game Free Fire Max.


Game Garena Free Fire Max is one of the top mobile games today. It has all the outstanding features of modern shooters such as: The pinnacle of graphics platform, super smooth and special user experience, more expanded game mode. Make sure you will no longer feel forced or bored when you have to play the same game modes over and over again.

Currently, Garena Free Fire Max is one of the top competitors of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

So Free Fire Max has other advantages compared to normal Free Fire?

Graphics quality: With the naked eye you can also perceive their quality is completely different. Free Fire Max will give you a more eye-catching feel, everything is more realistic.

Images: Not only in the works, but also the character images are built more beautifully and more elaborately. Those who love beauty will definitely choose Garena Free Fire Max.

Effects: An indispensable thing in any game. With Garena Free Fire Max version, everything becomes more beautiful, more realistic.

In addition, the features and game modes are identical in both versions. In short, they are different in terms of experience in terms of quality of graphics, images and effects. But of course, Garena Free Fire Max has much more energy capacity than the regular version. For a smooth experience, the gaming device must be good enough and have plenty of free space.

Gameplay Garena Free Fire Max


How to play Garena Free Fire Max game as well as other online shooting games. Includes: move, sprint, heal, jump, aim and shoot. To change ammo, enter the gun icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

The player’s job is simply to collect weapons and equipment. Then destroy other players, become the last survivor to win.

Game Garena Free Fire Max has two main play genres: normal and ranked. For new players, choose a normal match to practice, because the ranked match has a high difficulty, the participating players have already mastered the operations in the game.

Currently, Free Fire Max has a lot of game modes. Includes: Survival, death combat, grenade launcher melee, map design and combat. As for ranking, there are only two modes: survival and death battle.

Features & Play Experience


– Listen to sound: Many people have a habit of playing games but mute them. But for the game Garena Free Fire Max, it was a fatal mistake. By listening to the sounds of gunfire, footsteps, engine sounds to locate the enemy. Help you be more active when fighting. If playing in a noisy place, wear headphones.

– Weapon selection: Garena Free Fire Max has a diverse weapon system. With many new players, it will be difficult to choose. But you just need to be careful: equip a rifle and a sniper weapon. This allows you to easily change your attack strategy when encountering an enemy.

– Tactics: When the bo has appeared, you should gradually move to a safe place as soon as possible. Find an easy to attack, easy to defend position to wait for others to come in from outside.

– Selection of jumping points: For new players, you should choose locations with many small constructions. These places are often few people choose, at first, there will be no need to compete with each other to find equipment.

In addition, Free Fire Max also has a lot of features about characters, assistants, support items, … the more you play you will find this game even more attractive.


Garena Free Fire Max has great advantages in terms of graphics, image quality and sound. It deserves to be one of the best mobile shooting games online today. But along with that is the capacity and requirements for gaming equipment are quite high. If you have a good gaming device, you should choose Free Fire Max instead of the regular Free Fire.

Rating 8/10.

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