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Genshin Impact – the most popular gacha game on the mobile game market today. A colorful adventure world with a huge volume if you want to own it. If you are considering this game. Let’s learn about Genshin Impact with APPNGON in this article.


Genshin Impact is a 3d game with the best graphics available today. This is also the most picky game, because the game size is quite large, not all devices can be played.

Genshin Impact consumes so much space in return for the content, the game plot is extremely complete and attractive. Especially with many expanded features, power upgrades according to many different attributes.


The main characters in the game Genshin Impact are two brothers with the same taste of adventure through planets and universes. They possess special powers and are strong. But when they arrived at Genshin Impact, they were sealed by a god. And kidnap one of the two, depending on the character you choose to play, the person being captured will change.

Then, by chance you rescue a spirit. She volunteered to guide you in this world. Now the journey to find my brother has had a chance. But because the power is gone, you will need to help the character once again develop the same peak strength as before.

Gameplay Genshin impact


Genshin Impact owns the most realistic 3d gameplay available today. Includes many real-life activities such as: swimming, climbing, climbing trees, cooking…

In the game Genshin Impact, our characters will be led in turn to the shrines of the gods to seek and learn the powers of this world. This is a way to increase strength to be able to attack dangerous enemies.

Genshin Impact is a team game. We can take on new teammates and easily replace characters in combat or adventure.

Each teammate will be associated with a journey through their own lands.

The game has a lot of dialogue to lead into the plot and quests. Please take the time to read to understand the plot and work.

Genshin Impact is also an open game. Context, quests will change depending on the player’s answers.

Features & Play Experience


– High quality graphics, realistic images. These will be the first touches at the start of the game.

– Free gameplay but still attached to the plot. In addition, the game also integrates real-life activities. This helps players feel comfortable and a feeling unlike any other game.

– The skill system of the characters is completely different. Play in 3d style, focus gravity. This point is quite similar to Japanese games like Sword Art Online or Attack on Titan.

– Easily change the character while playing, create tactics suitable for different enemies.

– The higher the level, the more enjoyable and engaging the experience.


Genshin Impact will be a great choice in the current generation of mobile games. Appreciated for the plot, animation, sound, diverse language system, … The main disadvantage of the game is that the capacity is too large, requiring good enough gaming equipment.

Rating 8.5/10

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