It’s Still A Space Thing

It’s Still A Space Thing – a good space-themed adventure shooter game. A game designed with high difficulty, requiring precision and meticulousness from players. A game well worth experiencing.


It’s Still A Space Thing tells the story of the journey to destroy all cosmic monsters and minions to retake the space base. A lone mission with no allies. Your job is like that, controlling the character to destroy all dangerous machines and minions. Ready to destroy the boss to open the next level.

A classic start of many other shooting games. No longer new, but still extremely attractive to players.

Are you ready to join this unequal battle?

Gameplay It’s Still A Space Thing


How to play It’s Still A Space Thing is very simple, it includes: 2 buttons to move left and right, a button to redirect the next gun to shoot, carry defense, jump and finally a button to shoot an energy ball.

If you are used to the emulator round button control panel it will take some time to get used to. Especially the skill to change the direction of the gun, jump high, jump left, right and even shoot. The hardest thing about this game is this unique controller.

The game It’s Still A Space Thing has two game modes, Story and Arena.

– Story: Divided into different rounds, each round will have 5 small levels. Kill the final boss to open the next level.

– Arena: Not competing with real people. All are AI intelligence but with higher difficulty. Smarter and higher damage opponents. This mode also has many levels. The interesting point of this mode is that the more you play, the stronger the weapon. It is natural so you will discover how powerful the space gun is.

The game is integrated with many ads after each level. In particular, there is no button to continue playing after watching an ad. If you want to remove this ad, you can turn off the internet or wifi before playing.

Features & Experience


– Story mode with 60 different levels. Feel free to play for a while

– Arena is where you get lots of free diamonds and gems.

– The most important thing in the game is getting used to the buttons. Especially the gun redirection. I have a lot of trouble with this console.

– Story mode does not need to destroy all enemies, finding the gate is important. Killing the new boss is a must.

– Low game capacity, smooth play on all touch phones.

– When connecting to the internet to play, there will be ads after each game screen. An annoying thing to play.

– This is a completely offline game.


It’s Still A Space Thing is suitable for those who love offline games with an ending. The game is completed so the number of levels is fixed. Low capacity and playable anywhere.

Rating 7/10.

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It’s Still A Space Thing
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