Legendary Fighter: Battle of God

Legendary Fighter: Battle of God- a mobile game dedicated to fans of the 7 Dragon Ball theme. In favor of experience and discovery brings many interesting experiences for players. Let’s learn about the game with APPNGON.


Legendary Fighter: Battle of God is an offline fighting game for Android and iOS phones. In the game Legendary Fighter: Battle of God, players will be able to choose the strongest characters of the Dragon ball anime. Then there will be solo battles between players with other random character control AI intelligence.

The game has a variety of game modes, a large number of characters for players to unlock. Unlock with gold coins and earn absolutely free gold after winning each match.

Graphics platform is not the advantage of this game. Designed with rudimentary pixels. But the images of the characters are enough for players to recognize the characters. Or other transformation status of selected characters.

How about the gameplay of Legendary Fighter: Battle of God? Revealed below.

Gameplay Legendary Fighter: Battle of God


The control operation is quite simple, use the simulated round button to move. Skill sets are buttons in the right corner of the screen. The characters all share the same controller.

The skills of each character are also quite limited. Consists of:

– A skill that shoots energy balls: Depending on the energy bar, it will be low-damage long-range shooting, medium-range energy balls and super energy balls (kameha).

– Teleport

– Absolute defense

– Physical hit and kick (Another special skill will be opened next to you when you hit the opponent repeatedly)

There is also a button to accumulate energy.

Game Legendary Fighter: Battle of God has 4 main game modes:

– Solo with AI intelligences to earn gold through each match. This mode is low difficulty, easy to play and easy to win.

– Battle in the form of championship tournaments: Compete in rounds, eliminate opponents to advance to the next round. The difficulty will increase with the rounds.

– Challenge boss: Big boss with very strong stats, high difficulty.

– Training room: This is where you discover the strength of the characters. Your opponent will be an immortal NPC, enjoy using skills.

To use a more powerful energy ball. Let’s combine two buttons that shoot energy and store energy at the same time. Not everyone knows when to play.

Features & Experience


– Unlock characters in the Skin section to own new characters. They will have additional skills compared to other default characters.

– Earn a lot of gold in Versus section. Earn more when you choose the hardest level.

– Turn off wifi or internet connection before playing to avoid ads. An effective trick to skip ads.

– The more expensive the character, the greater the power, the more hp. Essential when fighting bosses.

– Create combos to easily take the initiative in battle.


Legendary Fighter: Battle of God is a completely free offline game. Playing entertainment is completely fine, especially not picky gaming devices. Because of its light capacity, play on all touch phone platforms.

Rating 8.5/10

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Legendary Fighter: Battle of God
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