Love is… in small things

Love is… in small things a game of finding the required things in the level. But when playing, most people don’t see Gameplay Love is… in small things as a game. This is like a movie. Why is that? Read more in this article.


This is really a picture-in-picture game. But the content of the whole game is about the memories of a couple. Since meeting, dating, words of interest, … then getting married.

Memories are shared through appropriate images and music to create a positive mood for players.

The advantage of the game is to attract players from the content, backgrounds, pictures, sounds and sayings associated with the game screen. It can be commemorative sayings, sayings about love of famous people.

This is definitely one of the few games that makes you want to watch ads for gifts the most. It’s natural, comes from desire and is free from discomfort.

Especially the gentle instrumental music makes you indescribably attracted to the game. Are you ready to experience this exciting game?

Gameplay Love is… in small things


If you are still wondering, Love is… in small things is really a game of finding images in pictures. The game consists of many different parts, each game will be divided into many different pictures.

Challenges in different levels. For example: Search for hearts, search for numbers, search for letters and search for object images.

Love is… in small things is a completely offline game. After the download is finished, turn off the internet connection and play. But the game size is relatively.

Each game will have a small introductory video. It is like a small piece of memory from the author to the player.

Everything in the game you can own. Like wallpapers, paintings, music and even video memories. Everything is downloadable through watching a 30 second promotional video.

Throughout the game content tells about the love of a couple. From the beginning until marriage. So it will be quite long and experiential.

Features & Experience


– The game is suitable for those who have experienced it. Because it brings many experiences from the past, plus the melodious music will make many players feel attracted.

– Beautiful graphics, simply drawn images, quality wallpapers.

– The content of the games is separate, but throughout the whole.

– Simple gameplay, no limits, time pressure or wrong times. Even if you are too secretive, you can still use the method of eliminating clicks.

– When playing with an internet connection, there may be ads. If you turn off wifi, there will be no ads.

– The game has an ad removal feature. Pay a fee to support the manufacturer.

– The background music sound system can be changed by the customization feature in the lower right corner of the screen.


Love is… in small things is nothing new in the gameplay. It’s simple, easy. In return, the content is what will make many players not want to delete or uninstall. A game with a unique experience.

Rating 9.4/10.

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Love is… in small things
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