Madtale: Idle RPG

Madtale: Idle RPG – the newest vertical-screen RPG on mobile. The game is a journey to rescue the enchanted forest and the polluted world. You are the one chosen to be the hero to save this world.


Madtale: Idle RPG game is not only a role-playing game but also an adventure game.

The interesting point of the game is the story system. Divided into chapters with many different fairy tale content.

Of course, accompanying fairy tales will be the main characters of that series. Full of princess and prince characters with great power to support you in the process of saving the world.

Madtale: Idle RPG will consume a lot of the player’s time. Because the diverse story system is divided into small levels. So, if you want to play a fast game, don’t choose Madtale: Idle RPG.

Are you ready to join this Madtale world?

Gameplay Madtale: Idle RPG


How to play Madtale: Idle RPG is quite simple. Create a team of 5 characters to go on a journey to save the world from pollution.

The 5-man squad will be divided into 2 rows.

– Row 1: There are two positions, usually for the character taking the hit. Lots of HP and high armor.

– Row 2: Includes 3 positions, high damage characters will be in this row.

The game has a lot of different types of missions, like: daily quests, challenges or achievements. Sometimes there will be events, beginner quests.

The characters in the game are also divided into 3 ranks: Rare, Elite and Epic. We will need to try to find at least 5 Epic to have the strongest lineup.

Not so simple, the characters are divided according to their own attributes. Includes: Sage, Assassin, Warrrior, Sorcerer, Archmage.

One more point to note. The characters are also divided according to the standard lineup. When there are enough of these characters in the squad, they will receive additional attribute stats.

At the main screen of the game, where all the features gather. Including upgrade, receive rewards, level up, receive gold, ..

In addition, the game Madtale: Idle RPG also has extra side stories, arenas, dungeons… All in Wilderness.

Features & Experience


– Characters do not gain experience when fighting. Therefore, to level up a character, it is necessary to enter the character and level up.

– The squad has many different power plus points. From the characters themselves, according to the team of characters, … It will be necessary to really understand the characters and the game to become a master.

– Finding Epic characters is not difficult. Completing missions will give you a chance to spin your character for free.

– Madtale: Idle RPG is a game about depth. Predefined squads to search for characters. This will help you not waste materials leveling up the characters.

– Join clans or create clans for more privileges and tasks.

– Characters can even become stronger. If 3 characters are the same you can combine to become a stronger character. Since then the level limit has also increased.


Madtale: Idle RPG is one of the great Idle RPG choices. Attractive plot, diverse characters, many novel features.

Rating: 8/10

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Madtale: Idle RPG
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