Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – the world’s favorite moba game. Do you love this team game? Try your hand at a few matches!


If League of Legends is famous and occupies the entire market share on computers, then Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is also a serious competitor for rivals on the same topic.

Game moba is no stranger to any gamer. This is a 5vs5 fight between two red and blue teams in one map. The map is divided into 3 main roads, the task of both teams is to destroy the opponent’s main house to win.

A simple game rule and without any other fighting rules. Of course, to do this, it is still necessary to have good tactics, teammates and good personal skills. Indispensable in any online team game.

Gameplay Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


The gameplay of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no different from other games of the same genre. Control the character to destroy monsters, enemies and enemy buildings to earn a lot of gold. Then buy equipment to become stronger.

The characters in the game are also divided according to different laning positions. Includes 4 main positions: Top, Bot, Mid and Forest.

As for the distribution of power, it’s a bit different. It includes: physical damage, tank, ad, support, mage.

About equipment is further divided and depends on each character. In the game there is a new player support table to choose from. It can be defensive, assist, stack damage, or damage late in the game.

This score will depend on the strategy of each match you participate in.

The next difference about the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is the upgrade feature. Players can use items to upgrade support spells. Increases skill damage.

Next is the set of skins. Most other games just change the shape and effect. And Mobile Legends: Bang Bang adds attribute points to the character. Now not only beautiful but also more powerful than the default version.

Features & Experience


– If you are a new player, there will be a whole journey to train new players. This supports players whose skill levels do not differ too much.

– The characters have their own set of instructions for each type of power. Players can also create their own after mastering the character.

– Fast matchmaking, be it the same country or real time with other players.

– The game is constantly updated with beautiful and attractive new skins.

– A series of events all year round for players to experience and own unique skins that cannot be purchased.

– Each match takes about 15 minutes.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be one of the indispensable games in the list of moba games on phones. Completely free to play, chance to own free event skins. Smooth realistic game experience.

Rating 8.5/10

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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