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Monster Hunter Stories is an exciting adventure game that lets players explore a vast world filled with dangerous creatures to discover, collect and train. With its immersive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and engaging storyline, Monster Hunter Stories is a must-play game for any fan of RPGs and monster hunting. So if you’re looking for an epic adventure in a stunningly beautiful world, download Monster Hunter Stories today and start your journey to become the ultimate monster rider!


Monster Hunter Stories gameplay

Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG game where players take on the role of a young monster rider on a quest to protect their village from the wrath of a dangerous monster called the Black Blight. The game features an open-world environment where players can explore various locations, such as forests, caves, and deserts, to discover and collect eggs of different monsters.

Once players collect monster eggs, they can hatch them and train them to become powerful companions in battle. Each monster has its own unique abilities and stats, making them ideal for different types of battles. Players can also customize their monsters by feeding them different types of food to improve their stats and even combine them with other monsters to create new breeds.

The game’s battle system is turn-based and takes place in a grid-based arena. During battles, players can use various weapons, such as swords, hammers, and bows, to attack the enemy monsters. Players can also choose to use their trained monsters to fight for them, and each monster has its own set of abilities that can be used in battle.

One of the key mechanics in Monster Hunter Stories is the “Rock-Paper-Scissors” system, where different monster types are strong or weak against each other. Players must strategize their battles by choosing the right type of monster and weapons to defeat their enemies.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter various quests and challenges that require them to defeat powerful monsters and bosses. These battles are much more challenging and require players to use their strongest monsters and weapons.


Monster Hunter Stories game

Monster Hunter Stories features a range of interesting characters that players will encounter throughout their journey. Here are some of the main characters in the game:

– The Player Character – The main protagonist of the game, players assume the role of a young monster rider who sets out on a quest to protect their village from the Black Blight. The player character is fully customizable, with players able to choose their gender, appearance, and name.

– Lilia – A childhood friend of the player character, Lilia is a cheerful and optimistic girl who dreams of becoming a great monster rider like her father. She joins the player character on their journey and serves as a support character.

– Cheval – Another childhood friend of the player character, Cheval is a serious and stoic young man who also wants to become a great monster rider. He has a strong sense of justice and a deep hatred for the Black Blight, which he blames for his past traumas.

– Navirou – A quirky and talkative cat-like creature called a Felyne, Navirou acts as the player character’s guide and companion throughout their journey. He provides useful advice and comedic relief, and can also help players with certain quests and battles.

– Elder Maestro – The wise and respected leader of the monster riders, Elder Maestro is an old man who oversees the training of young riders. He provides guidance and advice to the player character and serves as a mentor figure.

– Redan – A mysterious and powerful monster rider, Redan is known as the “Monster Rider King” and is feared and respected by many. He has a history with the Black Blight and serves as a secondary antagonist in the game.

– Black Blight – The main antagonist of the game, the Black Blight is a powerful and destructive monster that has been terrorizing the land. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, and players must uncover its secrets in order to defeat it and save the world.

Types of monsters

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories features a wide variety of monsters for players to discover, collect, and train. Each monster has its own unique abilities, stats, and traits that make them ideal for different types of battles. Here are some of the different types of monsters in the game:

  • Herbivores – As their name suggests, herbivores are monsters that primarily feed on plants. They are generally peaceful and pose little threat to players unless provoked.
  • Carnivores – Carnivores are monsters that primarily feed on other creatures. They are typically more aggressive than herbivores and can be dangerous if players are not careful.
  • Flying Wyverns – These monsters have wings and are capable of flight. They tend to be more agile and fast-paced than other types of monsters.
  • Brute Wyverns – Brute Wyverns are heavily built and rely on their strength and durability to overpower opponents.
  • Fanged Beasts – Fanged Beasts are fast and nimble, with sharp claws and teeth that can deal heavy damage.
  • Elder Dragons – Elder Dragons are the most powerful and elusive monsters in the game. They possess incredible abilities and are capable of causing widespread destruction.
  • Piscine Wyverns – Piscine Wyverns are aquatic monsters that live in water environments. They are strong swimmers and are capable of launching surprise attacks from the water.
  • Neopterons – Neopterons are insect-like monsters that can be found in various environments. They have sharp mandibles and can be dangerous in close combat.
  • Leviathans – Leviathans are massive sea creatures that can be found in the ocean. They are slow-moving but have a lot of health and can deal heavy damage.
  • Deviants – Deviants are rare and powerful monsters that have undergone unusual mutations. They are typically more difficult to defeat than regular monsters and pose a greater challenge to players.

Game modes

Monster Hunter Stories features several different game modes that offer players a variety of gameplay experiences. Here are some of the main game modes in the game:

  • Story Mode – The main game mode in Monster Hunter Stories, Story Mode follows the player character’s journey to save the world from the Black Blight. Players will explore various environments, collect and train monsters, and battle against other riders and monsters in order to progress the story.
  • Multiplayer Mode – Multiplayer Mode allows players to connect with others online and team up to take on difficult quests and battles. Players can also exchange monsters with one another to help build their collections.
  • Trial Mode – Trial Mode challenges players to complete a series of difficult battles in order to earn rewards and advance to higher levels. This mode is designed for players who are looking for a greater challenge and are willing to test their skills against some of the game’s toughest opponents.
  • Challenge Mode – Challenge Mode is a time-limited event that pits players against a powerful monster in order to earn special rewards. These events occur periodically and provide a fun and engaging way for players to stay invested in the game.
  • Versus Mode – Versus Mode allows players to battle against one another in a competitive setting. Players can select their strongest monsters and test their skills against other players from around the world.


In Monster Hunter Stories, players have access to a wide range of equipment that they can use to enhance their abilities and make their monsters more powerful. Here are some of the main types of equipment in the game:

Weapons – Players can choose from a variety of different weapons, including swords, hammers, bows, and more. Each weapon has its own unique properties and can be upgraded over time to increase its power and effectiveness in battle.

Armor – Armor provides players with additional defense against enemy attacks. Different armor sets offer different levels of protection and may also provide additional bonuses such as increased speed or resistance to certain types of attacks.

Accessories – Accessories are items that can be equipped to provide additional benefits to the player or their monster. These can include items such as talismans, amulets, and other types of jewelry.

Kinship Stones – Kinship Stones are special items that can be used to unlock powerful Kinship Skills for the player’s monster. These skills can provide significant advantages in battle and can be the key to victory in difficult fights.

Items – Players can also collect and use a variety of different items such as potions, traps, and bombs to aid them in battle. These items can be found throughout the game world and can be purchased from merchants.


Experiment with different weapons and play styles – Monster Hunter Stories offers a wide range of weapons and play styles to choose from, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the ones that work best for you.

Collect and train a variety of monsters – The key to success in Monster Hunter Stories is having a diverse team of monsters with different abilities and strengths. Be sure to collect a wide range of monsters and invest time into training them to make them more powerful.

Complete side quests and explore the game world – Monster Hunter Stories offers a rich and immersive game world filled with side quests and hidden secrets. Take the time to explore the world and complete side quests to gain additional rewards and experience.

Pay attention to monster weaknesses and resistances – Each monster in Monster Hunter Stories has its own unique set of weaknesses and resistances. By paying attention to these, you can choose the right monsters and equipment to give you an advantage in battle.

Upgrade your weapons and armor – Be sure to upgrade your weapons and armor regularly to keep them up to date with your progress in the game. This will make battles easier and help you progress through the game more quickly.

Use Kinship Skills strategically – Kinship Skills can be incredibly powerful, but they also consume a lot of Kinship Gauge. Use them strategically and only when necessary to avoid wasting your Kinship Gauge.

Take advantage of multiplayer mode – Multiplayer mode allows you to team up with other players to take on difficult quests and battles. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this mode to gain additional rewards and experience.


In conclusion, Monster Hunter Stories offers an exciting and immersive experience for players looking for a new twist on the traditional Monster Hunter formula.

With its engaging story, diverse range of monsters, and deep gameplay mechanics, the game is sure to provide countless hours of entertainment for both new and longtime fans of the franchise.

Whether you’re exploring the game world, battling fearsome monsters, or collecting powerful weapons and equipment, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in Monster Hunter Stories.

So why not join the hunt today and see what adventures await you in this epic and unforgettable game?

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