Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for Speed™ No Limits – car racing game for Android, iOS phones. There are many racing games but Need for Speed™ No Limits is one of the games that has survived and developed for a long time until now. Learn about this game by this article by APPNGON.


Need for Speed™ No Limits, though not the first choice of racing game on the phone. But if you only experience the feeling of drifting, accelerating and reaching the finish line, Need for Speed™ No Limits is more than enough.

Games with medium difficulty attract more players. With two game modes offline and online with real people. Lots of racing maps ranging from city, professional track,…Promise many exciting experiences for players.

On the other hand, the game capacity is much lower with other names such as: Asphalt 9. Therefore, the gaming device is also more diverse, you will play Need for Speed™ No Limits smoothly even on a phone. play the game normally.

Gameplay Need for Speed™ No Limit


Most of the time the Need for Speed™ No Limits control panel has no buttons at all. Everything is cut down to make the racing experience the most authentic and immersive.

You will only see the accelerator and gearbox in the first 3 seconds of the game. This is also an important stage for the car to quickly reach top speed. Press the accelerator on the green line to get the best start.

While playing, you will just need to click on the screen to take action. Consists of:

– Press the left side to let the car steer to the left

– Press right to direct the car to the right

– Press upwards to use the nitro difficulty set to speed up

– Tap the bottom to slow down and start the detour to drift.

The longer the Drift, the more bonus points and less collisions with other vehicles.

The Need for Speed™ No Limits game has 5 game modes.

– Campaign: There are many different chapters here, a place for players to earn free racing car models.

– Special events

– Car Series

– Tuner trials

– Finally PVP: Racing mode with other real players.

Daily quests are where you earn huge amount of free gold and coins. Use them to upgrade vehicles and buy necessary accessories.

Upgrade feature: Allows us to upgrade all the accessories in the car. Including: engine, brake, wheel, … every detail to make the car more stable and faster.

Playing Need for Speed™ No Limits requires a constant internet connection.

Features & Experience


– The game has the system of the most terrible super cars today. One of the dreams of many people in real life.

– The game is free and offers a lot of attractive racing car models.

– Simple, minimalist gameplay makes players feel like eyes.

– Exciting sound system with tracks combined with engine sounds.

– Drift is one of the hardest maneuvers to master.


Need for Speed™ No Limits is a simple racing game. Suitable for those who want to enjoy the feeling of racing but do not need to control too many operations. The game has a lower capacity than the competitors.

Rating 8.4/10

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Need for Speed™ No Limits
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