Onmyoji – Japanese adventure game. This is one of the most popular anime games today. Possessing eye-catching graphics quality, attractive storyline. This promises to be one of the super products on the upcoming mobile game market. Learn more about Onmyoji with APPNGON in this article.


Onmyoji tells the story of a time when humans and monsters fought for survival. While the world of monsters and spirits is getting stronger and stronger, humans only have a small percentage of people possessing special abilities called onmyouji. Only onmyouji can see the existence of monsters and attack them.

Are you interested in this whole legend? Download the Onmyoji game for your phone to join the onmyoji force to discover these legends.

Gameplay Onmyoji


There are many things you need to take care of in the Onmyoji game. Especially the story mode. This is the place to earn gold and gain experience for summoned characters and protagonists.

In Onmyoji, the summoned characters will be the main power to destroy the spirits and monsters. These characters are divided by rarity. With rare characters, the stats are higher and the skills are also much stronger.

In addition to the level and rarity, the strength of the characters also depends on the number of stars.

Each fight, we can control it ourselves or choose Auto. With stories, most will choose Auto and x2 speed.

Speaking of which, the Onmyoji game is also a gacha game. The higher the luck, the more terrible it is to turn out a rare character.

Are you confident with your luck?

Features & Play Experience


– Game graphics: Most of the contexts in the game are designed in 2d. And when fighting will be raised to a more beautiful 3d perspective. Not much to compliment Onmyoji’s graphics.

– Character image: In stark contrast to the graphics, the character image is designed meticulously and beautifully. Especially the female characters are extremely attractive.

– Character system: As mentioned above, Onmyoji has a lot of summoning characters. Besides, each character has many different skins. Make sure you go to watch the game live to be even more fascinated.

– When starting the summoning game, most of us will always have at least 1 legendary character. If you’re lucky, you’ll have more. In the early stages, the main character is quite weak. But when the level is higher, unlocking more skills will bring higher damage.

– Main character: If you are a female gamer, do not be discouraged when the main character is male. By reaching a certain level threshold, we can switch to a new character. Create a new squad according to this new character.


If you love anime themes, then the Onmyoji game cannot be ignored. It has an attractive plot, a large number of characters and is beautiful. In particular, the Onmyoji game has a lot of extended features.

Rating 9/10.

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