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Otherworld Legends – the latest mobile action role-playing game. If you only require good game content, 2d graphics is fine, then download Otherworld Legends game. You will love it from the first moment. See details in this article.


Otherworld Legends is the gathering place of the most powerful warriors of each different dimension. It’s kind of like Marvel’s multiverse. The person behind this action is Asurendra. By dodging enemies, Asurendra created this independent space. Not only to hide, but a place for Asurendra to find her warriors who have been filled with human likeness. They are the best warriors to fight the enemy.

For nothing else, revenge was always what Asurendra wanted.

So what role do we play in the game?

We will play the role of characters summoned to Otherworld Legends. That’s right, there are many talents summoned here. Just unlock it, we can experience them in extreme training.

This is no ordinary character leveling game. After the training process, the items picked up or purchased in it will disappear. The character will only multiply the level.

So each new challenge will be a journey to earn new equipment.

Gameplay Otherworld Legends


Similar to other action role-playing games. Otherworld Legends has a fairly simple gameplay, controlling the character to attack and dodge monsters’ attacks.

The skill set of the character in the game is quite simple. Includes only basic attack, dodge and one skill.

When you get high level this also doesn’t change. It’s just that the skill selection will be more diverse. Each character will have 3 skills. Unlocked in turn by level.

Each character has 1 main weapon and 5 support items. We can replace these weapons and items in the level. Read the added stats to choose accordingly.

Otherworld Legends has 2 game modes offline and online mode.

The plot will also be expanded according to the player’s level. The higher the level, the more content is conveyed.

Features & Experience


– The game has a lot of characters, each character has a different shape and skill set. Most characters have to pay to own.

– The game has simple 2d graphics, making the game size less suitable for many phone lines.

– There are 2 modes offline and online. People often use offline mode to help characters level up and free diamonds.

– Each character will have a different training process.

– System of extremely diverse monsters: Japanese monsters, forest spirits, slime monsters, wolves and even humans.

– Simple gameplay, easy to play and addictive.

– The difficulty of the game is gradually increased with each screen

– Get help from friends when in an emergency.


Otherworld Legends will be a good choice in offline game mode. Short playing time, many different items, diverse game maps. But if you want to own more characters, you will need to pay a fee.

Rating 8/10.

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