PAC-MAN – the famous classic adventure game on PC is now available on Android game system. Is this a new wave for PAC-MAN to return to its peak? Find the answer in this article of APPNGON.


PAC-MAN is no longer a strange name for many players. Even this name has been the inspiration to create a movie. And now it has a game version for Android.

If you’ve ever played PAC-MAN on an arcade console then you’ll love this game.

Owning the original gameplay, PAC-MAN will be one of the top choices of many gamers.

With PAC-MAN mobile has a more beautiful interface. The sound is more vivid than the original screen. Plus the game also has updated many new game modes.

You can play PAC-MAN offline and online. The offline mode will be playable in the classic mode, while the new game modes and events require a constant network connection to play.

PAC-MAN gameplay


PAC-MAN’s gameplay is customizable. There are 3 control modes: Swipe, TAP and HOLD. Depending on the preferences of each player to have options.

The PAC-MAN game is set up in many languages, including: English, Francais, Italiano, Brazilian, Korean,…Go to the settings to change these preferences.

The game has quite a few different game modes to choose from:

– Story Mode

– Arcade mode (Classic)

– Events ( Adventure ) Depending on the event, there will be new and different game modes.

Next, you will love the skins in PAC-MAN. Not only PAC-MAN but also ghosts have their own skins. To own completely free skins, you just need to unlock the required levels. It is quite similar to the rewards for passing the game milestones.

Features & Experience


– If you don’t like ads, then you will have to activate the premium. Because almost every new level will have ads, not to mention the custom design that makes players misunderstand that they are forced to watch ads to receive more rewards.

– Diverse skin system and completely free. But you will need time to play a lot. In return, it is very beautiful and worth the price.

– Classic game mode, one of the indispensable parts to make up the complete PAC-MAN.

– Update new game mode according to events: Attract and retain players over time. Players will not be bored when they have to play for a long time.

– The game has a low capacity, plays well on any Android or iOS phone platform.

– The game is free but there are many items you have to pay to use. Consider before choosing.


PAC-MAN is designed based on the original PAC-MAN game so it is not too special in terms of visuals or gameplay. It is suitable for everyone to experience a true entertainment game, as well as learn about the legendary name PAC-MAN. Except for too many ads, PAC-MAN is really worth looking forward to.

Rating 8/10.

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