Phantom Blade EX

Phantom Blade EX – the latest adventure role-playing game for Android, iOS. After many days of waiting, Phantom Blade EX has also submitted to the gaming community. So what does Phantom Blade EX have? Read more in the article.


If you are a player who loves good story games, Phantom Blade EX is indispensable. With each different character, the plot will be changed to become the most suitable. Regardless of the character, you will quickly get caught up in the journey with that character.

The game Phantom Blade EX features the perfect combination of skills. From there, players will create combos with the strongest damage. You will see this in the Phantom Blade EX gameplay.

Phantom Blade EX game is designed with 2d graphics but the capacity is up to 3.74GB. Not a small number for a 2d adventure role-playing game. This proves that the plot is really engaging and put a lot of effort into creating. Indeed, there are a lot of animated videos inserted to help players better understand the plot as well as the gameplay.


Gameplay Phantom Blade EX


Phantom Blade EX has the style of a mobile role-playing game. But the design is simplified for a better player experience. This point makes the unique way to play Phantom Blade EX.

Currently, Phantom Blade EX has 3 main characters. Corresponds to 3 different weapons, including: Swordsman, Pi Ba,

The character control panel includes: emulator round button to move, main skill 1, main skill 2, high jump button and back button.

Each character has a lot of skills, the higher the level, the more skills. Instead of only equipping 1 or 2 main skills, Phantom Blade EX allows players to experience all skills. That means we can use the full power of the characters.

In the skill table, there will be a combo item for players to choose to create combos based on the character’s skills. Points make the difference between players.

The characters can all be strengthened thanks to the equipment. Including weapons, armor, rings, rings, shoes, leg armor,…

Features & Experience


– Upgrade skills: After each level, the character will receive skill points. Use them to level up the skills you use the most or deal the most damage.

– Equipment: There are many types of equipment and there are ranks. In the game, it is not difficult to find legendary items. Mostly based on luck at the markets. Coins and silver can both be earned for free in the levels.

– The characters all have their own costumes, which need to be unlocked to be used. The equipment worn on the body does not change the character’s appearance.

– Skill combo: This is extremely important to deal damage. After using up the combo will need to wait for the recovery time. If you use many strong skills in a combo, the time will be longer. Should distribute them evenly, it is not necessary to equip all skills for combos. Let’s create combos according to the play style.

– Markets will cost a lot of money. The first time using it to get enough equipment is the best. It is very difficult to rely on luck to get legendary items.

– The difficulty of the game is quite high. Use only one life to fight the whole level. Therefore, the equipment must be good enough, the combo is strong enough.

– Each game screen is divided into 3 levels: Easy, medium and difficult.

– Must destroy all enemies to continue in the game screen. So don’t miss a single name.


Phantom Blade EX is really a great choice in the latest mobile games. It’s completely free, the experience is good enough. Played and within 2 hours couldn’t exit the game.

Rating 9.5/10

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