Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is the best choice in the current moba game genre. If you are no longer interested in the battles of League of Legends: Wild Rift and want to change the wind to play something new. So that name can only be Pokemon Unite mobile.


Pokemon Unite is the latest mobile strategy game. As the name implies, the characters in the game are all pokemon. An eye-catching battle of authentic pokemon.

If you follow Japanese pokemon cartoons, then  Pokemon Unite is even more suitable for you.

The chance to own and experience the power of your favorite pokemon. Like: pikachu,  Zeraora, chaizard, Lucario, Gengar,…

So how to play  Pokemon Unite? Continue reading below.

Gameplay Pokemon Unite


Pokemon Unite possesses a very unique way of playing. The team that scores more points wins.

So what’s the point here?

Players will control their Pokemon to defeat other pokemon on the map. Corresponding to each Pokemon killed, the person who deals the last damage will receive a point.

Each team has 7 positions to pay the same points and is divided into 3 different lines. Go to the enemy’s location to pay the points you own.

Only when you successfully pay points will the points be calculated. The number of points will be limited by the level. The higher the level, the more points accumulated.

In addition to killing pokemon, killing other players will also get points. Accompanied by the number of points that the player owns will also be dropped.

Therefore, only successful payouts at enemy positions will be counted. The more points, the longer the waiting time.

Moreover, the paying positions will also help heal allies. But also cannot attack other pokemon.

As mentioned above, the map is divided into 3 main roads: top, jungle and bot.

Each team will have 5 people dividing the road according to other moba games. Usually: 2 tops, 2 bots and 1 jungler.

In the game Pokemon Unite, the pokemon are also divided according to their own forte. Main damage, assist, primary spell, and take.

A strong team should have all these positions.

Features & Play Experience


– Each match is 10 minutes maximum. Enough time for players to experience and not feel it’s boring.

– Points must be scored at the positions that pay points to be counted. If attacked during this time, it will be canceled and the process will have to start over.

– Defense is also a tactic to win.

– Should have at least 1 friend to form a team. One chooses damage, one chooses to take damage. Thus, there will be a stable land.

– The first stage should give pokemon to the damage champion. Leveling up quickly will give you more advantages in battles with enemies.

– Pay attention to the big pokemon in the map. Kill them to get a lot of experience and they will return to your team to attack the enemy.

– In the last 3 minutes, points scored will be doubled. This is the time to turn the tide or crush the opponent.


Pokemon Unite will be a great choice if you want to find a mobile game. The game is completely unique with its characters, setting, and gameplay. Overall score 8/10.

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