Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – action role-playing game with the theme of transforming superheroes. One of the most popular animated movies. Now there is a mobile version for fans. Learn about this game with APPNGON in this article.


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is the latest online fighting game on phones. The game is based on the animated movie of the same name.

But the content of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is completely new and unique. There is an evil force that has the ability to copy the power of supermen. Now the battle between the real version and the copy version to win peace for the earth.

This is why we will see superheroes fighting against each other.

Do you want to know the unique gameplay of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars? Continue with the following content.

Gameplay Power Rangers: Legacy Wars


If you’re thinking Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is an action fighting game, you’re wrong. Although it is a fighting game genre, the gameplay is in the style of a strategy game.

The battles in the team are 3vs3, but only one leader can fight officially and the remaining 2 superheroes will be the support. To attack or defend we will need to choose the skills that appear randomly below. These skills are all skills of the super leader. Similarly, we can only summon support superheroes when they appear in the skill below.

The skills will be incompatible, pay attention to this point to gain an advantage when directly fighting with skills.

All superheroes can level up to increase their strength. To upgrade superman will need puzzle pieces.

In addition, upgrading skills is also an effective way to deal more damage.

Note: When you change the leader, the skills will also change.

Features & Play Experience


– Game bold strategy instead of action: Calm and combine skills to create combos will be more effective.

– Movement: is a way to avoid and dodge attacks from support super heroes.

– Carrying defense: Not only helps defense, but also can make the opponent stunned when using direct attack skills.

– Superheroes have a division by rank: A, B, S. Higher levels will have higher attributes and skills that deal more damage. So change the leader as soon as possible to make it easier to win.

– Both sides can only attack each other with skills.

– It is not necessary to upgrade all skills. Choose a skill to lift and use it effectively.

– Support superheroes should choose one melee and one gunner. Or according to each person’s strategy and playstyle.


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is suitable for those who like tactical style, full of combos. Although it is a child-themed game, it is relatively difficult to play. The strong point of the game is the full superhero system. Delight in your choice of superheroes.

Rating: 7/10

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
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