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PUBG Mobile – the best online survival shooter today. A mobile game that is chosen by a large number of streamers. If you have a good enough gaming device, try PUBG Mobile. Let’s learn the PUBG Mobile game in this article with APPNGON.


PUBG is no longer a strange name for any gamer around the world. Get the latest features, the highest quality graphics. PUBG Mobile has replaced many other popular names to rise to the position of the best mobile shooter.

In addition, PUBG Mobile game is also one of the most popular team games today.

As a leader, PUBG has been expanding more and more new features and game modes. If you have not logged in or have not played PUBG Mobile for a long time, then find out the new features right below.

Gameplay PUBG


The first thing when experiencing PUBG mobile is professionalism and quality. However, each game has its own advantages and disadvantages. But starting the game screen, you will see that PUBG Mobile is really great.

No fancy colors, extremely simple gameplay with buttons. Easy to move, two side fire button for more convenience and ease.

Driving gameplay with easy-to-move arrow buttons. And of course, with the celebration and dance icons that have made PUBG Mobile famous. You will equip it before entering the game to use.

PUBG Mobile game has 3 main options: Solo, team 2 and team 4.

The map system of the game does not change in either solo or team battle. However, you will need to reach certain levels to unlock new maps.

PUBG divides maps into 3 categories: Classic, Arena and Other. Corresponding to it will be different maps and modes.

Like: the virtual, team deathmatch, 8vs8 Arena training, Royale Arena Assault,…

Don’t forget that choose RANK mode to meet Pro players.

Features & Play Experience


– When starting the game for the first time, we will be given the option of region and country. You can select the desired regions or countries. Not necessarily accurate.

– PUBG mobile does not have many operations but still needs time to get used to. If you are a new player then try your hand at vs AI mode. This is a mode to practice basic skills such as moving, aiming, learning about weapons and maps.

– Sound: Although this is an important factor, in PUBG it is quite difficult to determine the direction. Get used to and master this. It will help us take the initiative in all battles, as well as regain the initiative when being ambushed.

– Shooting skills: To become pro or at least be able to be one of the longest survivors. You will need to learn how to shoot a gun. No need to master them all, master at least 2 types of guns. Understand how to shoot and gun elements such as recoil, ammo, scope,…

– Driving: It seems to be a simple task, but it is extremely important. Each vehicle has the ability to deal critical damage. As well as protect the entire team safely retreat.


PUBG Mobile deserves to be one of the best games on phones. Has all the elements of a survival game, shooting. The experience is becoming more and more real with new maps and game modes.

Of course, if your device is good enough, choose this PUBG.

Rating 8.8/10.

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