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PUBG: New State is an action-packed battle royale game that delivers an exhilarating experience to players. With improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and advanced features, PUBG: New State offers an exciting new way to engage in multiplayer battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the genre, this game is sure to keep you engaged for hours on end. So, if you’re ready for a thrilling, fast-paced battle royale experience, download PUBG: New State now and join the fight for survival.


PUBG New State game

PUBG: New State is a battle royale game that pits players against each other in a last-man-standing competition. The gameplay takes place on a large map where up to 100 players parachute in and scavenge for weapons, ammo, and other supplies. The game’s objective is to be the last player or team standing, as the playing field slowly shrinks, forcing players to engage with each other.

Players must strategize and use their skills to survive and outsmart their opponents. They can choose to play solo, as part of a duo, or in teams of up to four players. As the game progresses, players must move strategically to avoid being caught in the shrinking play area, while also hunting for better weapons and gear to gain an advantage over their opponents.

One of the key features of PUBG: New State is the advanced combat system, which includes a variety of weapons, equipment, and attachments. Players can engage in intense firefights using everything from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and sniper rifles. They can also find and use items such as health kits, armor, and grenades to survive and gain an edge over their enemies.

The game’s graphics have been upgraded to provide a more immersive experience, with realistic textures and detailed environments. The controls have also been optimized to make it easier for players to navigate and interact with the game.

Game modes

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PUBG: New State offers several game modes to keep players engaged and entertained:

Classic Mode: This is the main game mode of PUBG: New State, where players engage in a traditional battle royale experience. The objective is to be the last player or team standing, as the playing field slowly shrinks.

Ranked Mode: This mode is similar to Classic Mode, but with a ranking system that tracks players’ performance over time. Players are matched with others of similar skill levels, and can climb the ranks by earning points through successful matches.

Payload Mode: This mode introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as helicopters, airstrikes, and vehicle repair stations. Players can also revive their fallen teammates, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Arena Mode: This is a smaller-scale game mode where players engage in 4v4 matches in an enclosed arena. The first team to reach a set number of kills wins the match.

EvoGround Mode: This mode offers a rotating selection of game modes, including TDM (Team Deathmatch), Domination, and Assault. Each mode offers a unique twist on the traditional battle royale gameplay.

Equipment and items

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PUBG: New State offers a wide range of weapons, gear, and items to help players survive and come out on top in the battle royale. Here are some of the equipment and items available in the game:

  • Weapons: Players can choose from a variety of firearms, including assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and players can customize them with attachments like scopes, grips, and magazines.
  • Gear: Gear items include helmets, vests, backpacks, and various types of armor. These items provide additional protection to players and help them survive longer in combat.
  • Consumables: There are several types of consumables available in the game, such as first aid kits, energy drinks, painkillers, and adrenaline shots. These items can restore health, reduce damage, and increase movement speed.
  • Throwables: Players can also use throwables like grenades, molotov cocktails, and smoke bombs to gain a tactical advantage over their enemies.
  • Vehicles: PUBG: New State features several types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and helicopters. These vehicles can be used to quickly traverse the map and escape danger.

Players can collect and use these items strategically to increase their chances of survival and come out on top in the battle royale. It’s important to manage inventory space wisely and choose equipment that suits your playstyle and situation.


– Choose your landing spot wisely: When you jump out of the plane, choose a landing spot that is away from other players to avoid getting eliminated early. But don’t land too far away from the circle or you may get caught in the storm.

– Learn the map: Familiarize yourself with the map and the different locations so that you can plan your strategy accordingly. Know where the high-traffic areas are and avoid them if you’re not ready for a fight.

– Collect gear quickly: As soon as you land, start collecting gear as quickly as possible. Look for weapons, ammunition, and gear like helmets and vests to increase your chances of survival.

– Use cover and stay hidden: In PUBG: New State, cover is essential to survival. Use buildings, trees, and other structures as cover to hide from enemies and stay hidden as much as possible.

– Use headphones: Use headphones to listen for footsteps and other sounds that may give away an enemy’s position. This can give you a huge advantage in combat.

– Stay in the circle: Always keep an eye on the map and make sure you stay within the circle. If you’re caught outside of it, you’ll take damage and eventually die.

– Practice shooting: Take some time to practice shooting and learn how to control recoil. This will help you become more accurate and increase your chances of winning gunfights.

– Play with friends: Playing with friends can make the game more enjoyable and increase your chances of winning. You can communicate with each other and coordinate your strategies to take down other teams.


PUBG: New State is an exciting and challenging battle royale game that requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and a bit of luck.

With a variety of game modes, weapons, and equipment, every match is unique and provides endless hours of entertainment.

Whether you’re playing solo or with a squad, the game offers intense gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top player in PUBG: New State. So gear up, jump into the action, and see if you have what it takes to be the last one standing!

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