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If you’re a fan of strategy games and love solving puzzles, then you should definitely download Puzzles & Survival. This game offers an exciting mix of both, challenging you to build and defend your base while also solving addictive match-3 puzzles to gain resources and power.

The game also offers a vast world to explore with different challenges and enemies to face, keeping you engaged and entertained for hours on end.


With stunning graphics, a fun storyline, and regular updates to keep the game fresh, Puzzles & Survival is a must-play for any mobile gamer looking for a fun and challenging experience.

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In Puzzles & Survival, players need to do a variety of tasks to progress and survive in the game.

At its core, the game is a strategy and puzzle game, so players need to use their wits and skills to build and upgrade their base, gather resources, and fend off enemy attacks.

To do this, players will need to solve match-3 puzzles, which will reward them with resources and power-ups to aid in their base building and defense.

Players will also need to recruit and train an army of heroes, each with unique abilities, to fight against zombies and other enemies that threaten their base.

As players progress through the game, they’ll need to explore the vast world to discover new resources, allies, and enemies to face.

With each challenge overcome, players can level up and gain new abilities and rewards, unlocking new features and challenges to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Overall, Puzzles & Survival offers a unique blend of strategy and puzzle gameplay that challenges players to think strategically and solve puzzles to progress and survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other dangers.

How to play


Playing Puzzles & Survival is relatively simple, but it does require some strategy and puzzle-solving skills. The game is available to download for free on mobile devices, and once downloaded, players can start playing immediately.

The game is divided into two main modes: base building and puzzle-solving. In the base-building mode, players will need to build and upgrade their base, recruit and train heroes, and gather resources to improve their base’s defenses. They can also explore the world to discover new resources and allies to help them in their quest.

In the puzzle-solving mode, players will need to solve match-3 puzzles to gain resources and power-ups. The puzzles are similar to other match-3 games, where players need to match three or more items of the same type to clear them from the board.

However, in Puzzles & Survival, players can also create special power-ups by matching four or more items, which can help them overcome tougher challenges.

As players progress through the game, they’ll face increasingly difficult challenges, and they’ll need to use their strategic thinking and puzzle-solving skills to overcome them.

They can also join alliances with other players to work together and face even tougher challenges, making the game a social experience as well.

In summary, playing Puzzles & Survival involves a mix of base building, hero recruitment, resource gathering, puzzle-solving, and strategic thinking, making it an engaging and challenging game for players who enjoy a mix of different gameplay elements.


For new players, Puzzles & Survival can be a bit overwhelming at first, but the game offers a helpful tutorial that walks them through the basics of gameplay.

The tutorial covers topics such as base building, hero recruitment, resource gathering, and puzzle-solving, and it provides players with the knowledge they need to get started in the game.

One helpful tip for new players is to focus on upgrading their base and heroes early on. Upgrading their base will make it more resistant to enemy attacks, while upgrading their heroes will make them more powerful in battle.

Additionally, joining an alliance with other players can provide new players with helpful tips and resources, making it easier to progress through the game.

It’s also important for new players to take their time and not feel rushed to progress through the game too quickly.

Puzzles & Survival offers a vast world to explore, and there’s no need to rush through it all at once.

Players should take their time to enjoy the game and experiment with different strategies to find the ones that work best for them.

Overall, while Puzzles & Survival can be a bit challenging for new players, the game offers plenty of resources and tutorials to help them get started, and with time and practice, players can become skilled at base building, hero recruitment, resource gathering, and puzzle-solving, making for a fun and rewarding gaming experience.


  1. Focus on building a strong base: A strong and well-defended base is essential for surviving in Puzzles & Survival. Players should focus on upgrading their walls, defenses, and resource buildings early on to make their base more resistant to enemy attacks.
  2. Join an alliance: Joining an alliance can provide players with helpful tips, resources, and support from other players. Players should join an alliance as soon as possible to benefit from these advantages.
  3. Use power-ups wisely: Power-ups can be incredibly useful in Puzzles & Survival, but they should be used wisely. Players should save their power-ups for tough battles or situations where they’re struggling to progress.
  4. Complete daily quests: Puzzles & Survival offers daily quests that reward players with resources and other valuable items. Players should complete these quests every day to earn these rewards.
  5. Experiment with hero combinations: Heroes in Puzzles & Survival have unique abilities, and players should experiment with different hero combinations to find the ones that work best for them.
  6. Save gems for special events: Gems are the premium currency in Puzzles & Survival, and they can be used to purchase valuable items and power-ups. Players should save their gems for special events or tough battles, rather than spending them on frivolous items.


Puzzles & Survival is an engaging and challenging game that offers a unique blend of strategy and puzzle gameplay.

With its post-apocalyptic setting, base building, hero recruitment, and match-3 puzzle-solving elements, the game offers a vast and exciting world for players to explore and conquer.

Whether you’re a fan of puzzle games, strategy games, or both, Puzzles & Survival has something to offer.

With its helpful tutorials, daily quests, and tips and tricks, the game is accessible to new players, while still offering plenty of challenges for more experienced players.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging mobile game to play, Puzzles & Survival is definitely worth a download!

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