Ratropolis – mobile defense strategy game with high difficulty. Built based on the living and survival context of mice. A completely new and unique world with multiplayer. Read more with APPNGON in this article.


If you love tactical defense games on your phone, then Ratropolis should be the next name that must be on your list of games.

Ratropolis revolves around the battles of rats with other enemies. Maybe giant rats, other small creatures.

The game is divided into many different chapters. Each chapter will have its own captain and a certain number of attacks.

Small hint, you will love the gameplay of Ratropolis.

Gameplay Ratropolis


The gameplay of Ratropolis is in the style of a card game. There will be 5 cards to choose from, can change the card set after a certain time or use gold coins.

The cards in the game screen will be increased when opening the treasure chest after each successful defense. Each card can be a unit, skill, construction or upgrade. Depending on the deck, the player can build the most reasonable defensive strategy.

Only when your main house is destroyed or passes a sufficient number of waves will the game end.

The game has no limit on the number of units. As long as you have enough gold, you can use all the cards in each time.

Military units automatically attack and defend. The player’s only task is to use the cards to build and distribute soldiers to the two sides.

In the game screen, at the main house after each level, there are merchants and orders.

With merchants you can use gold coins to buy new cards. As for commands, there will be choices. Can be support, remove or add cards.

Use gold coins wisely, because gold coins have no meaning when the main house falls. Especially in the final stages, the enemy is even stronger.

Features & Experience


– Game graphics are designed in gray tones. The images in the game are just enough to look at and not really attractive.

– The combat units in Ratropolis are close to real life. Not skills that deal massive damage or are certain to hit. The skills are all according to the laws of physics.

– The number of cards is not much but still enough for players to love.

– Low game capacity, playable on any smartphone.

– You cannot send troops from either side to each other. So, if one side loses, the game will also be over.

– Diverse enemy system with many different forms. There is melee, there is ranged attack and cannon.

– Repair works very quickly, but only when there are no enemies left.


Ratropolis is a high difficulty defensive strategy game. Combined with random card play. This is definitely a game that takes you a long time to play and complete.

Rating 8.4/10

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