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Real Football is a must-download for all fans of the beautiful game. This highly realistic soccer simulation brings the excitement of the sport to your fingertips, allowing you to experience the thrill of scoring the winning goal, making a key tackle, or saving a shot on goal.

With its intuitive controls, crisp graphics, and realistic physics, Real Football is the perfect way to get your soccer fix when you can’t be on the pitch.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the sport or a newcomer to soccer games, Real Football is sure to deliver hours of fun and excitement. So what are you waiting for? Download Real Football today and experience the thrill of the game for yourself!



In Real Football, players take on the role of a soccer team manager, responsible for assembling and managing a team of talented players, devising tactics, and leading the team to victory on the pitch. Here are some of the key things players need to do in the game:

  1. Assemble your team: Choose from a roster of players, each with their own unique skills and abilities, and assemble a team that can compete at the highest level.
  2. Develop your players: Train and develop your players to improve their abilities and make them stronger, faster, and more skilled.
  3. Choose your tactics: Before each match, decide on the tactics you want to employ, taking into account your players’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.
  4. Play the matches: Take to the field and compete in matches against other teams, using your skills and tactics to outmaneuver your opponents and score goals.
  5. Manage your finances: As the manager of your team, you’ll also need to manage your finances, making sure you have enough money to buy new players, upgrade your facilities, and keep the team running smoothly.

By focusing on these key activities and continuing to improve your team, you’ll be well on your way to leading your team to glory in Real Football!

The strongest teams in Real Football


The strongest teams in Real Football can vary depending on the version of the game you’re playing. In some versions of the game, the strongest teams are based on real-life teams and their performance in top leagues around the world, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more. In these versions, the strongest teams might include well-known clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and more.

In other versions of the game, the strength of teams might be determined by a different set of criteria, such as the overall abilities of their players or the tactics employed by their manager. In these cases, the strongest teams may not necessarily be based on real-life teams, but could be composed of a roster of players from various clubs.

Regardless of the version of the game, players can usually find a list of the strongest teams in the game by checking the leaderboards or by playing matches and comparing the performance of different teams.


The control scheme in Real Football can vary depending on the version of the game and the platform it’s played on, but generally, players use a combination of buttons and/or touch controls to control their players.

On a console or PC, players typically use the analog sticks and buttons on their gamepad to control their players. For example, the left analog stick is used to move players around the field, while buttons are used to pass, shoot, tackle, and perform other actions.

On a mobile device, players may use touch controls to control their players. This might involve tapping or swiping in different directions to move players, passing, shooting, tackling, and so on. The specific touch controls in Real Football can usually be found in the game’s tutorial or settings menu.

Regardless of the control scheme, the goal of the game is to work with your team to score goals and defend your own goal. To do this, players must learn to use their controls effectively, communicate with their teammates, and employ a variety of tactics and strategies.


  1. Communication is key: Good communication with your teammates is essential for success in Real Football. Be sure to call out who you’re passing to and let your teammates know when you’re open for a pass.
  2. Practice passing and shooting: Spending time practicing your passing and shooting skills can pay off big in the game. Try to aim for the open spaces on the field, and work on placing your shots in the right places to beat the keeper.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses: Take some time to understand your player’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your opponents. This can help you make better decisions on the field and play to your strengths.
  4. Use tactics: Different tactics can be effective in different situations in Real Football. Experiment with different formations and strategies to find what works best for your team.
  5. Keep an eye on the clock: Time management is crucial in Real Football. Pay attention to the clock and make sure to make the most of your opportunities to score goals when you have them.
  6. Stay focused: In a fast-paced game like Real Football, it’s easy to get distracted. Stay focused on the game and keep your eye on the ball to help ensure your success.


Real Football is an exciting and challenging game that offers a lot of fun for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, there’s something for everyone in this immersive game. So why not download Real Football today and experience all the excitement and action for yourself? Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, you’re sure to have a great time on the field.

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