Rebel Riders

Rebel Riders – racing game shooting online or on the phone. Fans of racing games and shooting games definitely cannot ignore this super product. Read this article by APPNGON to find out the details.


Rebel Riders is the latest 3vs3 team-based mobile shooting racing game on phones. A game with beautiful graphics, sharp images.

The more you play, the more you will find Rebel Riders interesting. Especially with the number of vehicles you can use. Each type will have a completely new and different experience.

A little more, the music quality is very good. The background music will make you unconsciously stamp your feet with the melody. This game experience is an absolute must.

Learn more how to play below.

Gameplay Rebel Riders


The most difficult gameplay of Rebel Riders is manipulating the device’s direction control. With the simulated circular button, but to drive left or right is not a simple task.

Next, the next thing you need to get used to is the rate of fire. Weapons will need time to recharge before they can continue firing. Usually vehicles will have 3 consecutive shots before running out of mana. You can see it in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The special skills of each type of vehicle are different. It can be offensive or defensive. Like the first 3 free car models:

– 2-wheeled vehicle: Create energy waves to attack surrounding opponents.

– Water Carriage: Creates an outer layer of energy to block damage.

– Car bomber: Is a skill that deals critical damage.

Vehicles will be unlocked according to the player’s achievements. So you just have to play and win a lot to get more new car models.

After each match you can level up vehicles to make them stronger and add more damage. To upgrade, you will need to have enough pieces. Getting to level 2 is quite simple, but getting to the next levels will take time to accumulate.

In addition, in the game screen, there are additional acceleration buttons and turning buttons in place.

Currently, Rebel Riders has 5 game modes: Team Deathmatch, Stash the cash, bomb the base, battle toyale and hangout.

Each match lasts up to 10 minutes or has a win-win condition. Usually it won’t take up to 10 minutes for a match.

You can make friends to have real comrades in battle. Because the amount of bullets cannot be fired continuously, pairing or going with 3 people will have a lot of advantages in fast attack or defense.

Features & Experience


– Vehicle upgrade feature: use your favorite vehicle model to be able to get puzzle pieces and upgrade them.

– Diverse game modes: There are 5 different game modes, each with a different win condition. Pay attention to the conditions to have a reasonable strategy.

All models have their own advantages and disadvantages. They will have their own advantages for each position. For example, two-wheeled vehicles are very fast and small, suitable for chasing and destroying weak-blooded vehicles, traveling alone.

– Short playtime: A player can also carry the team and may not die a single life.


Rebel Riders is a shooting racing game well worth playing. With extremely good reviews and feedback from gamers. This will probably be a favorite online shooting game in the near future.

Rated 8.5/10.

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