Seven Knights: Revolution

Seven Knights: Revolution – a beautiful graphic role-playing game from Korea. A game with the most realistic experience currently on the mobile game genre. With a capacity of nearly 10GB, what does Seven Knights: Revolution have? Let’s find out in this article with APPNGON.


If you love role-playing adventure games with the theme of heroes fighting against the dark forces. So Seven Knights: Revolution will be the name you should experience right now.

The game stands out with extremely eye-catching graphics quality. The world in the game is designed in an attractive medieval style. With the highest game quality, you will see how realistic the images are. If this game can be combined on VR devices, it is really great.

Anyway, this is also one of the super products that many gamers expect the most. Let’s see how the gameplay of Seven Knights: Revolution will be right here.

Gameplay Seven Knights: Revolution


It takes more than 9GB of space to store enough to tell the massive system of the plot. The dialogues are tied to the plot of the game. Lead players on quests to unlock new weapons or teammates.

Most of the operations in the game can be automated, including: assist in moving according to the task, automatically hitting. Of course, players can still do them manually.

Seven Knights: Revolution is a team fighting RPG. However, when fighting, only one character can be used. After that, it is possible to alternately change the characters in the team in the right corner of the screen. However, the amount of HP is common to all members of the squad. Therefore, changing characters does not mean higher HP.


Each player can add up to 3 members to the squad. Usually players will only use fury skills from the side characters.

The interesting point of the game cannot ignore the weapon system. Each character can equip up to 3 main weapons. These weapons can be easily changed in the skill corner area. Click the icons to change them.

Each weapon is a separate skill set.

Note: Weapons cannot be changed when fighting bosses or other players. And when fighting monsters, change the freedom.

The game is full of features: general rotation, equipment upgrade, …

Features & Experience


– Currently, the game Seven Knights: Revolution only supports Korean language. If you want to play this version for a long time, you need to be careful. It is recommended to install some translation software to understand the plot and features.

– The game requires good gaming equipment. Because of the heavy capacity, high graphics quality, many effects, … if the device is not responsive enough, there will be a state of lag.

– The game has many features and takes time to get used to.

– Only one character with the strongest attribute should be fostered to a high level. Because most of them only use one character when fighting.

– The characters in the team share the same arsenal of weapons and equipment.


Seven Knights: Revolution is the heaviest game on mobile. Its strong points are quality, plot, weapons, gameplay. But the downside is that playing consumes battery, the phone quickly heats up. Are you willing to spend 10GB to own this terrible graphic role-playing game?

Rating 9/10.

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Seven Knights: Revolution
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