Sonic the Hedgehog ™ Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic – pixel graphics adventure game developed based on the classic sonic video game. This will be one of the games that bring a lot of emotions to players. See details in this article.


If you love the series of adventure games according to the screen like: mario, contra,…then Sonic the Hedgehog Classic will be an interesting choice.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic revolves around the adventure journey of sonic hedgehogs and friends. Sonic with fast speed, can curl into a sharp weapon to attack enemies.

The strength of the other characters will be exactly the same as in the cartoon.

The whole game will be a long journey for players to explore and learn.

Many players will think this is an offline game, but in fact you will need to connect to the internet during the game.

That means you’ll need to be prepared to see video ads that are inserted after each level. Or pay to upgrade the ad-removed version.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Gameplay


The gameplay of Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is extremely simple. Includes only 2 buttons used to move and a jump button or sonic hedgehog to roll the attacker. Especially when at high speed, the player’s reflexes must be fast enough to react to the terrain. It is these times that will be the key moments to create a high-speed and emotional level.

The sonic game on the phone has a lot of game modes. They are completely free but are locked by the story level requirement.

You will need to reach certain levels to unlock them and experience them.

It also only takes a while for you to get used to the game.

The initial experience of the game is relatively difficult. Especially using a combination of forward jumpers. It is not as smooth as the ps emulator on the phone.

Features & Experience


– The game has a low capacity, suitable to play on all touch phones. There will be no lag or freeze when playing.

– The main screen is bold PS style. Give players an experience like being transported back in time.

– In addition to having many ads after each level, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic can. If possible, you should unlock the premium version to support the manufacturer.

– The game includes all the friends characters of sonic hedgehog. Each person is created in the original shape, the skills are the same as the original.

– Includes many game modes, need to connect to the internet during the game.

– Completely free game for both Android and iOS.

– Sonic the Hedgehog Classic only has pixel graphics so it’s only average. The game is more appreciated for the content than the graphics experience.


The game is entertaining and feels like a childhood experience for those who have played Sonic the Hedgehog Classic on the old PS. By graphics, the content is not new or unique. The gameplay is also simple. The weird thing is that an internet connection is required during the gameplay.

Rating 7/10.

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Sonic the Hedgehog ™ Classic
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