Sword of Xolan

Sword of Xolan – free offline adventure role-playing game for Android. The game revolves around Xolan’s journey to destroy monsters and rescue people who have been imprisoned. Find out more free games in this article.


Sword of Xolan is designed on a pixel basis. Classic and well-suited for adventure RPG-themed video games. I don’t know why, but monster fighting games if pixelated are usually very good.

If you are a fan of medieval knights, do not miss this game. It will bring many extremely interesting experiences.

It’s not just a role-playing adventure game. You will need to earn a lot of gold to unlock the cards. Add an element for you to regularly visit this game.

So how to play Sword of Xolan?

Gameplay Sword of Xolan


The gameplay of Sword of Xolan is very simple. The character has only one skill to shoot fire and swing a sword to deal physical damage. As for how to control it, it’s even simpler than jumping and moving. Move only 2 buttons left, right and jump one more button is three. Minimizing as much as possible for players to enjoy the experience.

Characters in the game cannot level up. So how to make the character stronger?

Unlock cards to upgrade skills and strengthen characters. Each card has a pretty high price, you will need to spend half the journey of each chapter to earn enough.

The fireball skill only works when you pick up the blue mana potions. Maximum of 3 consecutive shots.

Sword of Xolan game has two game modes. Adventure mode and challenge mode have time requirements. Each way of playing will have its own interesting point, with the challenge game you will discover some pretty good combos and help your hands faster.

The system of monsters is diverse from zombies, flying demons, humans, monsters,… Gold will fall out after the monster is destroyed. That’s why you have to work hard to destroy monsters, don’t ignore them.

In each game screen there are always side quests. You will need to find 3 people being held in secret and a treasure chest. Detainees would normally be hidden in invisible spots. So check the walls when in doubt, it could be a secret passage.

Features & Experience


– The monsters are quite dull, their weakness is in the back. They move according to the rule of not stopping or attacking back when being hit from behind.

– If you open the internet and then play, you will see it has many ads. Each level will have an ad. If you disconnect from the internet, the ads will no longer be displayed.

– Cards are the only way to increase the character’s strength.

– Bosses are the most difficult levels that players have to overcome. Sword of Xolan has 3 bosses corresponding to 3 chaps.

– The game is very addictive, you will have a hard time stopping after starting the game.

– You can jump twice in a row

– You can shoot fireball and slash at the same time.


Sword of Xolan has a clear plot, simple gameplay. Low capacity pixel graphics, play without internet. Is a game enough to entertain for a while before completing the game.

Rating 8.6/10.

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