T3 Arena

T3 Arena – an online shooting game that is being chosen by many gamers. If you are a lover of the mobile shooter genre playing with friends, you should not ignore T3 Arena. So what exactly is this game like? Find out with APPNGON in this article.


When coming to the game T3 Arena anyone will find that the 3d graphics are beautiful, the character images are extremely cool. Next is the uniqueness of each character’s weapon.

Compared to PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, T3 Arena is not as multiplayer, has fewer features. But T3 Arena is suitable for all ages. Although it is a shooting game, it does not bring many violent elements.

Instead of the feature of looting enemy items, players can only use the equipped weapon.

Gameplay T3 Arena


How to play T3 Arena game is similar to most other shooting games. Includes buttons to move, jump and change ammo.

An interesting point in the game is the automatic shooting mode when the gun center is on the enemy. Minimize an unnecessary button and bring high efficiency.

In the game T3 Arena, each character will have a special skill. Be it stun skills, explosive melee skills,… New and unique point of this online shooting game.

Each game screen, all players will be divided equally into 2 sides, blue and red. The team that gets enough kills first wins.

As everyone knows, players cannot pick up other players’ equipment. Therefore, the amount of ammo is unlimited. In addition to the healing points, the player can fight the whole battle without being defeated.

Features & Play Experience


– The character system in T3 Arena is quite a lot. Unlocking characters by completing quests is the simplest way. Also can be unlocked with earned gold coins. Each character has a different shape, built in a cartoon style, so it is very eye-catching.

– Independent weapon system: Each character will have a separate weapon. During the match, it is also not possible to change weapons or pick up equipment from other players.

– Level up feature: All characters can be leveled up to increase their attributes. The higher the character’s level, the more advantages in battles.

– The pairing time is quite fast. Perhaps because of the feature of real-time combat with people all over the world, the waiting time is short. Each level takes about 10 minutes to finish. Not too long nor too short, enough for players to feel attractive T3 Arena.


T3 Arena is suitable for players who love team shooting games. With a fast combat speed, it is even more suitable for those who have little free time.

Game T3 Arena is really attractive to those who like to plow. By completing missions to own completely free equipment and characters.

Rating 8/10.

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T3 Arena
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