The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom – action adventure game designed in the theme of wild nature. Have you ever wondered, how does an entire ant colony form and develop? Surely you will have the answer in this game. Learn more about the game through APPNGON article.


The Ants: Underground Kingdom is an open world for ant lovers. The game simulates the activities of ants, from nesting to development and expansion.

You will have all your questions answered. What do they eat, drink, burrow, and fight other animals?

Although The Ants: Underground Kingdom is designed to be more vivid, there is still some truth.

The game also has the nature of a development game like: Clash of clans or Rise of Kingdom. Upgrade the owner’s house and other buildings to have more choices in terms of ant types, material collection speed.

Are you curious about the gameplay?

Gameplay The Ants: Underground Kingdom


The Ants: Underground Kingdom has the gameplay of an army-building strategy game. The journey from a queen begins to burrow and build nests. Then comes the process of classifying ants with distinct functions.

In the first stage, we will be guided to build and dig a cave. From the resources available when digging burrows to build structures such as fetching water, earning leaves, building a training house for soldier ants, ….

The interesting point of the game is that the longer you play, the more constructions and new knowledge about ants.

The most useful is certainly the part about learning about the species of ants that exist on earth.

Next, each chapter will have certain tasks. Complete them to upgrade where the queen ants live. This is also a way for you to be proactive about your work. Just click on where the queen is and click level up. View unfulfilled conditions and then complete a turn.

The game requires an internet connection during the gameplay.

When you complete chapter 5, everyone will be able to expand the world. Can go out to see the animals around. This is the real process of discovering the game.

You will constantly have to fight with other insects, other ant nests to expand the territory.

Features & Experience


– In the first stage, do the required tasks to upgrade the base of the queen ant. When the external feature opens, it will be time to fully develop and expand the ant nest.

– The game includes all the ants on earth. They are also classified according to their functions and attributes. An indispensable power in campaigns. They are often used as generals to lead armies into battle.

– Gens upgrade feature to increase power and skills.

– The ally feature allows to form a large and huge ant population. Can support each other in battles and defense.

– Warrior ants can unlock more powerful skills. They take quite a bit of resources to do so. But when fighting will bring many benefits.


The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a great choice for those who love animals and a long-lasting game. The game takes quite a while to fully explore.

Rating: 8.4/10

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The Ants: Underground Kingdom
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