Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry: Chase – attractive action game on the phone. Developed based on the legendary chase between the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry. Those who have watched the cartoon Tom and Jerry should not ignore this game. Do you want to be Tom or Jerry?


Tom and Jerry: Chase is an online game. The content of the game revolves around the chase between the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry. Players assume the role of those two characters and carry out the chase process.

The scene in the game is taken from the original version. The chase battles in the house, farm, beach… An image that is extremely familiar to many gamers.

In particular, the game has the presence of all the characters who have appeared in the movie. The mouse brothers, the cat brothers all have acting land.

The game is completely free on both Android and iOS platforms. Have you ever wanted to join!

Gameplay Tom and Jerry: Chase


How to play Tom and Jerry: Chase is extremely simple but requires fast and accurate. Control operations in the game include:

– Move: two arrow buttons left and right

– Actions Tom cat will have: jumping, catching, tying, speeding, rocket arms, tossing ropes, … these depend on the outfit you own. And Jerry will have

– Jerry mouse action: jump, hold, throw, attack skills. Also depending on the character Jerry there will be slight changes in the action.

In each chase game screen, there will be 5 players participating. In which one person plays the role of Tom and the other 4 plays the role of Jerry. The time of each game screen has a time limit. During that time, the cat Tom will have to catch all the mouse Jerry and attach to the rocket to defeat the player.

And Jerry mouse can’t be caught. When Jerry mouse is caught, tying other characters can still be rescued.

In the game screen, there will be many different support items. Both Tom and Jerry are usable.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is divided into 2 game modes. Normal game mode and ranked game mode. They do not differ in gameplay, only in players and rewards. When ranked, the rank will be added.

Features & Experience


– Tom and Jerry: Chase is a team game where you play as Jerry. Players can team up to run away, attack or rescue each other.

– Both characters have different costumes. Each character is different, the activities will also change a bit.

– Short playing time, suitable for those who do not have much time

– Map of the game screen in the upper left corner of the screen. Pay attention to be more proactive when running or chasing.

– Doors are extremely important. If you play the role of Tom, don’t forget to bring the Jerry mice into a small room to easily catch up.

– Tom cat can be attacked by Jerry. This is not uncommon in the movies. Remembering Jerry’s attackable skills will help Tom be more proactive.


Tom and Jerry: Chase is a light chase entertainment game on the phone. Each level is extremely interesting whether it’s Tom or Jerry. Own the costumes for more experience.

Rating 8.5/10

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