Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Raccoon – heavy action game for mobile phones. One of the first games of the development team. The game is inspired by pandas, universe and battles. This will be the game that gives you the most experience. Ready to explore now.


Unhappy Raccoon will definitely bring many interesting surprises for new players. This is more the adventure of the characters in the universe. The characters will in turn destroy all enemies in the area.

Although it is an action game, the characters in the game do not have to be leveled up, do not need to be equipped or upgraded. The biggest difference that anyone can see after playing.

Game Unhappy Raccoon is a simple game. Control the character to destroy all enemies from one level to another. But the moments of non-stop fighting will make you very locked out of the game.

Gameplay Unhappy Raccoon


Gameplay Unhappy Raccoon does not have many buttons. Includes: Movement, physical damage skill and one dodge skill.

After the first levels, the character will open 2 more skills. Depending on the character, the skill set will be different.

Owning the characters is completely free and easy to change.

We cannot change the characters after we have started. The game only ends when all HP points are lost.

Although the characters cannot level up, equip weapons. But the character can still be strengthened thanks to the items purchased in the game. Includes: bonus damage, support allies. These are all automatic passive skills that cannot be controlled.

As a player who loves simplicity, APPNGON voted to download Unhappy Raccoon. The game will bring a lot of interesting experiences compared to most other games with the same theme.

Features & Experience


– The game is designed based on beautiful 3d graphics. The image of the characters and skills are not many but make up for the quality.

– Own the characters completely free. Diverse weapons used: Guns, bows, hammers, …

– Beautiful space context, although it is an action game, it is not violent.

– Items purchased entirely with earned gold or diamonds are given in the game screen.

– Game without ads

– Simple game operation

– The game requires a lot of playing time and fast operation. Because when the enemy surrounds, the damage received is a lot.

– Boss is huge, diverse and holds the key to open the next world

– Each character has two HP bars and they will heal themselves after stopping the battle.

– Characters will only have a single playthrough. Unable to continue at the defeated game.


Unhappy Raccoon is really a great entertaining game. The gameplay is simple, the plot is clear, the characters are diverse, and the unnecessary operations are minimal.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Unhappy Raccoon
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