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Gear up and join the ultimate tank battle in War Machines: Tanks Battle Game. Take control of authentic tanks from different eras, strategize your tactics, and unleash devastation upon your enemies. Don’t miss out on this action-packed gaming experience – download now!


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War Machines: Tanks Battle Game is an exhilarating multiplayer tank combat game that puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful tanks in intense battles. Get ready for action-packed gameplay as you engage in thrilling tank warfare against players from around the world.

The game offers a variety of modes to test your skills and strategic prowess. In the PvP mode, you’ll face off against other players in real-time battles. Coordinate with your team, devise tactics, and unleash your tank’s firepower to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents. Dominate the battlefield and secure victory for your team.

War Machines features a wide range of authentic tanks from different eras, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities. From nimble light tanks to heavy armored beasts, choose the tank that suits your playstyle and customize it with various upgrades and enhancements.

As you progress in the game, you can unlock and collect new tanks to expand your arsenal. Experiment with different tank combinations to find the perfect lineup for different scenarios and strategies. Adapt your tactics to the ever-changing battlefield and stay one step ahead of your opponents.

The controls in War Machines are intuitive and easy to learn, allowing you to maneuver your tank with precision. Use the on-screen controls to move, aim, and fire your tank’s devastating weapons. Master the art of angling your tank’s armor to deflect incoming shots and minimize damage.

To gain an edge in battle, utilize power-ups strategically. Deploy smoke screens to conceal your movements, drop landmines to trap unsuspecting enemies, or call in air strikes to decimate enemy positions. Timing and resource management are crucial to utilizing these power-ups effectively.

War Machines: Tanks Battle Game features stunning graphics and immersive sound effects that bring the battlefield to life. From detailed tank models to realistic explosions, every aspect of the game contributes to an immersive and intense tank warfare experience.

Join clans or create your own to team up with like-minded players. Collaborate with your clanmates, participate in clan battles, and climb the leaderboard together. Communication and coordination are key to achieving victory in clan-based activities.

The game also offers regular updates, introducing new tanks, maps, and features to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Stay connected to the game to enjoy the latest content and engage in continuous tank battles.

So, download War Machines: Tanks Battle Game now and unleash the power of armored warfare. Command your tank, dominate the battlefield, and become the ultimate tank commander in this adrenaline-fueled multiplayer tank combat experience.

Game modes

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War Machines: Tanks Battle Game offers several exciting game modes to cater to different playstyles and preferences:

  1. PvP Battles: Engage in real-time player-versus-player battles against opponents from around the world. Test your skills, teamwork, and tactics as you fight for victory on various battlegrounds. Communicate with your team, coordinate attacks, and outmaneuver your opponents to dominate the battlefield.
  2. Team Deathmatch: Join forces with other players and work together as a team to eliminate the opposing team. Coordinate strategies, cover each other’s backs, and utilize your tank’s abilities to gain the upper hand. The team with the most kills at the end of the match emerges victorious.
  3. Free-for-All: It’s every tank for themselves in this mode. Engage in a chaotic and fast-paced battle where you must outlast and outgun all other players. Be the last tank standing to claim victory and show off your skills as the ultimate lone wolf.
  4. Capture the Flag: In this classic mode, teams compete to capture and hold the enemy’s flag while defending their own. Use teamwork, strategy, and firepower to secure the flags and prevent the enemy team from doing the same. The team that captures the most flags within the time limit emerges as the winner.
  5. Domination: Fight for control over strategic points on the map in this mode. Work with your team to capture and hold designated areas to earn points. The team that reaches the target score or has the highest score when time runs out emerges as the victor. Coordination and tactical positioning are crucial to succeed in Domination mode.
  6. Duel: Challenge other players to one-on-one battles in the Duel mode. Test your individual tank skills, reflexes, and tactics in intense head-to-head matches. Show off your mastery and prove that you are the superior tank commander.

War Machines: Tanks Battle Game provides a diverse range of game modes to cater to different preferences and playstyles. Whether you prefer team-based strategies, intense solo battles, or classic objective-based gameplay, there is a mode that suits your style. Jump into the action, dominate the battlefield, and become the ultimate tank commander.

Tanks and upgrades

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In War Machines: Tanks Battle Game, you have access to a variety of tanks, each with its own characteristics and playstyle. Here are some details about the types of tanks and the upgrades available:

  1. Light Tanks: Light tanks are agile and fast, allowing for quick movements and scouting. They excel at flanking enemies, capturing objectives swiftly, and providing reconnaissance on the battlefield. Upgrades for light tanks focus on improving speed, maneuverability, and scouting capabilities.
  2. Medium Tanks: Medium tanks strike a balance between mobility and firepower. They are versatile on the battlefield, capable of engaging in both offensive and defensive roles. Upgrades for medium tanks enhance their durability, firepower, and overall versatility.
  3. Heavy Tanks: Heavy tanks are the epitome of armored might. They boast thick armor, immense firepower, and can absorb substantial amounts of damage. Heavy tanks excel in leading the charge, soaking up enemy fire, and dealing devastating blows. Upgrades for heavy tanks focus on reinforcing armor, increasing firepower, and improving survivability.
  4. Tank Destroyers: Tank destroyers specialize in long-range combat and eliminating enemy tanks with precision firepower. They often possess high damage output and excellent penetration capabilities. Upgrades for tank destroyers enhance their accuracy, damage, and penetration power, making them formidable anti-tank units.
  5. Artillery Tanks: Artillery tanks provide long-range indirect fire support to their teammates. They can rain down explosive shells onto enemy positions from a safe distance. Upgrades for artillery tanks focus on increasing accuracy, shell velocity, and reducing reload times, allowing for more effective support and devastating strikes.

Upgrades in War Machines: Tanks Battle Game allow you to enhance your tank’s performance and capabilities. Some common upgrades include:

  • Engine: Improve your tank’s speed and acceleration, enabling faster movements across the battlefield.
  • Armor: Reinforce your tank’s armor, increasing its ability to withstand enemy attacks and reducing damage taken.
  • Main Gun: Upgrade your tank’s main gun to increase damage output, accuracy, and penetration power, allowing you to deal with enemy tanks more effectively.
  • Secondary Weapons: Enhance secondary weapons such as machine guns to improve anti-infantry and anti-aircraft capabilities.
  • Ammunition: Upgrade your ammunition to increase the effectiveness of your shots, whether it’s armor-piercing shells, high-explosive rounds, or other specialized ammunition types.

These upgrades, along with others available in the game, allow you to customize your tanks to fit your preferred playstyle and maximize their combat effectiveness on the battlefield.

Experiment with different tank types, select the upgrades that align with your strategy, and dominate the battlefield in War Machines: Tanks Battle Game. Adapt to different situations, coordinate with your team, and lead your tank to victory!


War Machines: Tanks Battle Game offers a range of powerful and strategic power-ups that can give you an edge on the battlefield. These power-ups can be obtained during gameplay and provide temporary advantages. Here are some of the notable power-ups in the game:

  1. Repair Kit: This power-up instantly restores a portion of your tank’s health, allowing you to quickly recover from damage sustained during battle. It’s a valuable power-up that can keep you in the fight for longer.
  2. Speed Boost: Activating the Speed Boost power-up grants a temporary increase in your tank’s speed and acceleration. It can be useful for quickly repositioning yourself on the battlefield, evading enemy fire, or pursuing fleeing opponents.
  3. Shield: The Shield power-up provides a temporary force field that protects your tank from incoming damage. While the shield is active, enemy projectiles and attacks will be absorbed, minimizing the damage you take. Use the Shield strategically to withstand heavy fire or make daring maneuvers.
  4. Ammo Resupply: Running out of ammunition can put you at a disadvantage. The Ammo Resupply power-up instantly replenishes your tank’s ammunition, ensuring you have a full arsenal to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.
  5. Damage Boost: When activated, the Damage Boost power-up significantly increases the damage output of your tank for a limited time. It allows you to deal more damage to enemy tanks, making it easier to eliminate them and turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  6. Smoke Screen: The Smoke Screen power-up creates a thick cloud of smoke around your tank, obstructing the vision of enemy tanks. It can be used as a defensive measure to confuse opponents, conceal your movements, or provide cover for your team.
  7. Landmine: With the Landmine power-up, you can drop explosive mines on the battlefield. These mines are deadly to unsuspecting enemy tanks that pass over them, dealing significant damage. Place them strategically in chokepoints or high-traffic areas to catch enemies off guard.
  8. Air Strike: Calling in an Air Strike power-up triggers a devastating bombardment from aircraft. It rains down explosive shells onto a targeted area, causing massive damage to tanks and structures. Use it to break enemy defenses or clear out clustered enemies.

Strategically utilizing these power-ups can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Use them at opportune moments to gain an advantage, support your team, or escape precarious situations. Mastering the effective deployment of power-ups is an essential skill in War Machines: Tanks Battle Game.

So, keep an eye out for these power-ups during battles, seize them when available, and unleash their abilities to dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious!

Beginner guide

– Understand Tank Types: Familiarize yourself with the different tank types available in the game, such as light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery tanks. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose a tank that suits your preferred playstyle.

– Learn Map Awareness: Take the time to study the maps and understand the terrain. Knowing the layout of the battlefield will help you plan your movements, find advantageous positions, and anticipate enemy strategies. Pay attention to cover, chokepoints, and areas with strategic significance.

– Master Tank Controls: Practice controlling your tank effectively. Learn how to maneuver, aim, and shoot accurately. Experiment with the sensitivity settings to find a control scheme that suits your preferences. Remember to angle your tank’s armor to maximize protection and minimize damage.

– Communicate and Coordinate: War Machines is a multiplayer game, so communication and teamwork are vital. Coordinate with your teammates, share information about enemy positions, and work together to achieve objectives. Use the in-game chat or voice chat features to communicate effectively.

– Upgrade Your Tank: As you earn currency and progress in the game, invest in upgrading your tank. Focus on improving essential aspects like engine speed, armor strength, main gun damage, and ammunition capacity. Upgrades will enhance your tank’s performance and combat effectiveness.

– Plan Your Loadout: Customize your tank’s loadout to match your preferred playstyle. Experiment with different ammunition types, secondary weapons, and equipment. Find a balance between offensive and defensive capabilities to adapt to various situations on the battlefield.

– Use Cover Wisely: Tanks are durable, but they can still take damage. Make effective use of cover to protect yourself from enemy fire. Utilize buildings, rocks, and natural terrain to shield your tank and minimize your exposure to enemy attacks.

– Spot and Exploit Weaknesses: Keep an eye on the enemy tanks and look for their weak points. Aim for their vulnerable areas, such as rear armor or exposed sides. Learn the characteristics of different tanks to understand their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

– Practice Target Selection: Prioritize your targets based on the situation. Identify high-value targets, such as heavily armored tanks or tanks with powerful weapons, and focus your attacks on them. Coordinating with your team to concentrate fire on a single target can quickly overpower opponents.

– Play with Strategy: War Machines is not just about brute force. Develop strategic thinking by analyzing the battlefield, predicting enemy movements, and making informed decisions. Consider the objectives, map control, and the overall flow of the battle to contribute effectively to your team’s success.


War Machines: Tanks Battle Game offers an exhilarating and immersive tank warfare experience like no other. With its stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and a wide variety of tanks and upgrades to choose from, the game keeps you hooked for hours of thrilling battles.

Whether you’re a seasoned tank commander or just starting your journey, War Machines provides endless opportunities for strategic thinking, teamwork, and epic victories.

So, strap yourself in, lead your tank to glory, and dominate the battlefield.

Download War Machines: Tanks Battle Game now and unleash the fury of armored warfare in an experience that will leave you craving for more. Get ready to become the ultimate tank commander!

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