8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool – the online billiards game with the largest number of players today. If you are a lover of this sport, do not miss 8 Ball Pool. This will be a place where people can play against a lot of other players around the world. Learn more about the game 8 Ball Pool with APPNGON in this article.


8 Ball Pool is an online billiards game open to all players around the world. The game has a diverse language system, paired with all players around the world. Opportunity to use standard and premium billiards clubs.

Because 8 Ball Pool is still a video game. So there will be basic instructions and support when playing.

Learn how to play 8 Ball Pool right here.

Gameplay 8 Ball Pool


Do not appreciate the control of 8 Ball Pool. It’s not really smooth and convenient. With new players it will take time to move and choose their correct marbles. Sometimes the turn will not be in time and the turn will be lost.

The power to hit depends quite a lot on the club. The better the club, the greater the force of hitting the ball.

The clubs can be upgraded to be better and more accurate. From there, it can be compared with high-end clubs. To upgrade you will need to accumulate enough puzzle pieces. Let’s see how to earn in any game.

Game 8 Ball Pool has many game modes. There is an offline game mode, completely offline to practice and get used to how to play.

Next, the 9-ball mode, play tournament, play without showing the ball line, play 1vs1.

Also, when logging in with a facebook account. There will be more game mode with friends. Now you can solo anywhere and with any friends.

Enough game modes with different difficulty levels. Enjoy the experience for a long time.

Features and Experience


– The duration of each game is only about 5 minutes. Pairing to fight each other is quite fast.

– Real players, randomly matched in any country

– Interactive feature with pretty cool emoticons. But it is limited when there is no chat message.

– Full features play offline and online. In offline mode you will take turns hitting, no AI intelligence.

– If you want to try the professional feeling, enter the mode without showing the ball line. Where the masters practice their skills.

– System of diverse billiards clubs: Upgrade and unlock by level. A small item for players to strive for.

– Stick control is not good, need to improve.

– Need to be familiar with the color of marbles to identify their own marbles to identify.


8 Ball Pool is not a bad entertainment game. Although not a professional, but enough to experience this sport. Enough offline and online game modes, suitable for anyone who is starting to get acquainted with the game. Small game capacity, can be played on all touch phones.

Rating 8.5/10

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8 Ball Pool
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