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Dragalia Lost is an action-packed role-playing game developed by Nintendo and Cygames. The game is set in a world of magic and fantasy, where players take on the role of a prince or princess who is destined to lead a group of adventurers on a quest to save their kingdom from a powerful evil force known as the “Otherworld.”

The game features fast-paced real-time combat, where players must use their skills, weapons, and powerful dragon allies to defeat their enemies. Players can control up to four characters at once, each with their own unique abilities and skills, and can switch between them on the fly to create powerful combos and strategies.

In addition to combat, players can also explore a variety of environments, from lush forests to dark dungeons, and interact with a wide cast of characters, both human and dragon. Players can build relationships with their allies through story events and special missions, and can also summon new characters and dragons through the game’s gacha system.

As players progress through the game, they can also build and customize their own kingdom, complete with buildings, decorations, and other upgrades. The kingdom serves as a hub for the player’s adventures, and can also provide valuable resources and bonuses to aid in combat and exploration.

Main Story

Dragalia Lost game

The main story of Dragalia Lost takes place in the world of Alberia, a land ruled by dragons and humans alike. The kingdom of Alberia is in danger from the “Otherworld,” a mysterious force that threatens to consume the land and all its inhabitants.

The player takes on the role of the seventh prince or princess of Alberia, who is born with the ability to communicate with dragons. With the help of their dragon allies and a band of adventurers, the player must venture forth to explore the kingdom, battle the forces of the Otherworld, and restore peace to the land.

The story is divided into chapters, each of which introduces new characters, enemies, and challenges. Along the way, the player will meet a wide variety of characters, including other princes and princesses, dragons, adventurers, and more.

As the player progresses through the story, they will uncover the secrets of the Otherworld and the true nature of the threat it poses to the kingdom. Along the way, they will also learn about the history and lore of Alberia, as well as the relationships between its various factions and characters.


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In Dragalia Lost, characters and dragons can be ranked in a tier list based on their overall strength and usefulness in different game modes. Here’s a breakdown of the different tiers and some of the top characters and dragons in each one:

Tier 1:

  • Gala Laxi: A powerful wind-elemental sword user with high damage output and strong survivability.
  • Summer Cleo: A water-elemental staff user with strong healing abilities and a powerful support skill.
  • Gala Reborn Poseidon: A water-elemental dragon with a powerful skill that deals massive damage to enemies and heals allies.
  • Gala Reborn Zephyr: A wind-elemental dragon with a powerful skill that increases the user’s critical rate and strength.

Tier 2:

  • Halloween Lowen: A light-elemental staff user with strong healing and defensive capabilities.
  • Summer Celliera: A water-elemental axe user with high damage output and a strong co-ability that increases the team’s strength.
  • Summer Verica: A water-elemental healer with strong healing and buffing abilities.
  • Cerberus: A fire-elemental dragon with a powerful skill that deals damage and reduces the target’s defense.

Tier 3:

  • Ezelith: A fire-elemental dagger user with high damage output and a strong skill that deals area-of-effect damage.
  • Marth: A flame-elemental sword user with strong damage output and a team-wide attack buff.
  • Vayu: A wind-elemental dragon with a powerful skill that increases the user’s strength and critical rate.
  • Leviathan: A water-elemental dragon with a powerful skill that increases the user’s strength and inflicts stun on enemies.

Of course, this is just a small sample of the many characters and dragons available in Dragalia Lost, and players may have different opinions on which ones are the best. However, these tier lists can be a helpful starting point for players who are looking to build a strong team and progress through the game’s various modes and challenges.

Game modes

Dragalia Lost features several game modes that offer a variety of gameplay experiences:

  1. Main Story: This is the game’s main mode, which follows the story of the prince and his companions as they seek to save their kingdom from evil forces. Players progress through chapters, battling enemies and bosses along the way.
  2. Events: Dragalia Lost regularly features limited-time events that offer special rewards and challenges. These can range from boss battles to treasure hunts to cooperative raids with other players.
  3. Void Battles: These are high-difficulty battles that offer rare materials and rewards for players who can complete them. Each Void Battle features a specific enemy with unique abilities and weaknesses.
  4. Imperial Onslaught: This mode allows players to battle powerful enemies to collect rare materials used for upgrading weapons and characters. Each day features a different element and enemy type, so players must strategize their team compositions accordingly.
  5. High Dragon Trials: These are some of the most difficult challenges in the game, requiring a high level of skill and coordination with other players. Players battle against powerful dragons with unique abilities, and must work together to avoid attacks and deal damage.
  6. Agito Uprising: This is a series of high-difficulty battles that offer powerful weapons and materials as rewards. Each Agito has a different elemental affinity and requires a specific team composition to succeed.
  7. Facility Events: These events allow players to build and upgrade facilities in their kingdom, which provide various bonuses and benefits. Players must collect materials and complete challenges to upgrade their facilities and earn rewards.


In Dragalia Lost, there are several types of power-ups that players can use to enhance their characters and make battles easier:

  1. Wyrmprints: These are special cards that provide bonuses to a character’s stats, abilities, and/or resistances. Players can equip up to two wyrmprints per character to tailor their abilities to specific situations.
  2. Dragons: These are powerful creatures that can be summoned to aid the player in battle. Each dragon has its own unique abilities and element, which can be used to deal additional damage to enemies.
  3. Weapons: Characters can equip different types of weapons, such as swords, bows, and wands, to suit their playstyle and element. Weapons can be upgraded using materials collected from battles, and can be enhanced with special abilities.
  4. Adventurers: These are the playable characters in the game, each with their own elemental affinity, weapon type, and abilities. Players can level up and promote their adventurers to increase their stats and unlock new abilities.
  5. Facilities: These are buildings that can be constructed and upgraded in the player’s kingdom, providing bonuses to the player’s team in battle. Facilities can be upgraded using materials collected from battles and facility events.

Beginner guide

– Focus on building a strong team: In the early game, it’s important to focus on building a well-rounded team of adventurers with different elemental affinities and weapon types. This will help you tackle different types of enemies and complete quests more easily.

– Use auto-battle to grind for materials: Auto-battle is a great way to quickly grind for materials and level up your adventurers. Use it to complete lower-level quests and battles while you focus on other tasks.

– Complete daily quests and events: Daily quests and events provide valuable rewards such as wyrmite (the game’s premium currency) and rare materials. Make sure to complete these regularly to stay on track.

– Upgrade your facilities: Facilities provide valuable bonuses to your team in battle, so make sure to upgrade them as soon as possible. Focus on upgrading facilities that provide bonuses to the elements and weapon types of your main team.

– Summon wisely: Wyrmite is a valuable resource, so make sure to use it wisely when summoning new adventurers and dragons. Save up for special summoning events or limited-time offers, and avoid summoning when you already have a strong team.

– Join a co-op group: Co-op battles provide extra rewards and are a great way to team up with other players to take on tougher challenges. Join a co-op group or start your own to take advantage of these benefits.

– Experiment with different weapon types and wyrmprints: Each weapon type and wyrmprint has its own unique abilities and bonuses, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find a combination that works well for your playstyle.


Dragalia Lost is an engaging and exciting mobile game that offers a wide range of features and gameplay options.

With its compelling main story, diverse cast of characters, and challenging battles, the game has something to offer for both casual and hardcore players alike.

By mastering the game’s mechanics and building a strong team of adventurers, players can explore a vast and immersive fantasy world filled with adventure and excitement.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of RPGs or a newcomer to the genre, Dragalia Lost is definitely worth checking out!

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