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Drakness & Divinity – the latest 3d role-playing game on the phone. If you love European mythology games then Drakeness & Divinity will be extremely suitable. Read more for details.


The game Drakeness & Divinity is set in a dark magical age. At the beginning of the game in the city of Pucela, an unexpected accident has caused Abyssal monsters to appear and attack all over the city. And your task is to recruit heroic characters to destroy monsters and uncover the secret behind their appearance.

A journey that is not easy and full of challenges is waiting for you ahead.

Gameplay Drakness & Divinity


How to play Drakeness & Divinity is quite similar to a development game. In addition to recruiting heroes, players will also have the task of developing and upgrading the city.

Drakeness & Divinity has a bit of a strategy game when it comes to team combat. Maximum 5 members, divided into 2 upper rows with 2 positions and back row with 3 positions.

Since then, the heroes are also divided into many different professions such as: Mage, Tank, Support, Archer, Assassin. Compatible with different positions in the lineup.

The game includes many different game modes such as:

– Dungeons: Dungeons to train heroes and obtain materials and equipment for characters. There are currently 8 different maps with increasing difficulty.

– Devil’s Prison

– Arena: Where players fight in real time 5vs5 against each other.

Kingdom is a place that has a lot of features. We will need to upgrade to get more resources and power.

The character system has a hierarchy. Rare, Epic, Legendary. The difference between these ranks is the added stats, skill damage and attribute stats.

If you’re starting out with a few low-star heroes, don’t worry. We can increase the number of stars, just need to accumulate enough character cards. However, it will not level up the character’s quality.

The number of stars directly affects the character’s maximum level. Each character has 2 types of stars, after upgrading all yellow stars will come purple stars. The maximum level of characters to yellow star is 60, and when to purple star will be 180.

Equipment is also divided by level. When the character owns a full set of equipment of the same level, additional points will be added.

Equipment can also be leveled up to add more attributes.

Features & Experience


– Drakeness & Divinity has elements of gacha game. To own more heroes, go to the hero summoning feature. If we’re lucky, we can summon legendary characters.

– Arena arena where you test the strength of the squad and understanding of the characters in the game.

– The characters are divided into different attributes. Prefers defense, physical attack or skill. Having 2 or more heroes with the same attribute in the squad will add attribute points.

– Let’s upgrade the characters from Epic and above. Because with Rare heroes, we almost won’t use them.

– Shop: Go to the shop to buy more resources to upgrade, the number of free diamonds is a lot. Don’t waste the fee.


Drakeness & Divinity deserves to be on the list of the best new mobile games. Good storyline, beautiful characters, diverse skill sets, all the features of role-playing games.

Rating 8.8/10

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