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Dreaming of managing your own idol group? Look no further than IDOLY PRIDE: Idol Manager. This exciting game allows you to build and nurture a team of talented idols, guiding them on their journey to become superstars. From auditions and training sessions to live performances and fan interactions, every decision you make shapes the destiny of your idols. Immerse yourself in the world of music, fashion, and fierce competition as you aim for the top of the charts. Don’t miss out on this chance to live your idol management dreams – download IDOLY PRIDE: Idol Manager now and let the idol revolution begin!

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IDOLY PRIDE: Idol Manager is an immersive game that allows players to step into the exciting world of idol management.

As the manager of an aspiring idol group, you are tasked with guiding and nurturing your idols to stardom.

The game offers a rich and detailed experience, providing players with a comprehensive range of features and activities.


One of the primary aspects of IDOLY PRIDE: Idol Manager is talent management.

You have the opportunity to scout and recruit talented individuals, each with their own unique strengths and personalities.

Train and develop your idols through rigorous practice sessions, vocal training, dance lessons, and more. Help them improve their skills and unlock their full potential to captivate audiences with their performances.

IDOLY PRIDE Idol Manager game

As a manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing various aspects of your idol group’s activities.

Plan and organize live performances, concerts, and fan meetings to engage with your audience and gain popularity.

Customize your idols’ costumes, stage setups, and music choices to create captivating and memorable experiences for your fans.

Managing the personal lives of your idols is also crucial. Balancing their schedules, health, and personal relationships is essential to ensure their overall well-being and success.

Make strategic decisions in terms of promotions, media appearances, and collaborations to boost your idols’ careers and increase their fan base.


In IDOLY PRIDE: Idol Manager, the storyline plays a significant role, offering a deep and engaging narrative.

Dive into the lives of your idols as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of the idol industry.

Discover their dreams, aspirations, and personal stories as you guide them on their journey to stardom.

The game also features a robust social element, allowing you to interact with other players and their idol groups.

Collaborate, compete, and share experiences to enhance your gaming experience and build a thriving idol community.

Beginner guide

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  1. Scout and Train Talented Idols

When scouting new idols, pay attention to their individual attributes and strengths.

Look for a balanced combination of vocal, dance, and performance skills.

Once you have a talented group, focus on training their skills through regular practice sessions.

Investing time and resources in their development will enhance their performance abilities and increase their chances of success.

  1. Time Management

Managing the schedules of your idols is crucial. Balancing their training, appearances, and rest time is essential to maintain their health and energy levels.

Prioritize activities based on their importance and the potential impact on your idol group’s popularity.

Be mindful of their stamina and make sure to schedule breaks and downtime to prevent exhaustion and burnout.

  1. Interact with Fans

Engaging with your fans is vital for building a dedicated and supportive fan base.

Plan regular fan meetings, concerts, and events to connect with your audience. Respond to fan messages, hold Q&A sessions, and make them feel involved in the idol group’s journey.

Building strong fan relationships not only boosts popularity but also helps generate income through merchandise sales and endorsements.

  1. Customization and Branding

Stand out from the competition by creating a unique and appealing brand for your idol group.

Customize costumes, design logos, and develop a signature style that represents your group’s identity.

Pay attention to the visual aesthetics of your performances and stage setups to create memorable experiences for your fans.

Consistency in branding helps establish a strong and recognizable presence in the idol industry.

  1. Collaboration and Networking

Collaborate with other idol groups or artists to expand your reach and gain new fans.

Seek opportunities for joint performances, endorsements, or media appearances to maximize exposure.

Networking with industry professionals, producers, and media personnel can also open doors to new opportunities and help in advancing your idols’ careers.

  1. Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest trends, music styles, and industry news.

Stay informed about upcoming events, auditions, and talent shows that can provide exposure for your idol group.

Research and analyze successful idol groups and learn from their strategies and tactics.

Stay adaptable and open to new ideas to stay relevant in the ever-evolving idol industry.

  1. Regular Evaluation and Feedback

Continuously assess the progress of your idols and the performance of your idol group.

Analyze audience reactions, sales figures, and fan feedback to identify areas for improvement.

Provide constructive feedback to your idols and encourage them to develop their individual skills and stage presence.

Regularly evaluate your own managerial strategies and make adjustments to optimize the group’s growth and success.


Get ready to live the life of an idol manager! Test your strategic prowess, nurture talented idols, and create a thriving idol group in IDOLY PRIDE: Idol Manager. Download now and start your journey towards fame and fortune in the captivating world of idols!

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