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Experience the thrill of competitive chess with lichess • Free Online Chess! Challenge opponents from around the world, improve your skills, and indulge in the timeless game of strategy. Download lichess now and discover a world of endless chess possibilities.


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lichess • Free Online Chess offers a comprehensive and immersive gameplay experience that captures the essence of the classic game of chess. Here is a detailed description of the game’s gameplay:

  1. Online Multiplayer: Connect with chess enthusiasts from around the world and engage in thrilling online multiplayer matches. Challenge opponents of different skill levels, ranging from casual players to seasoned grandmasters. Experience the excitement of real-time gameplay as you make strategic moves, outwit your opponents, and strive for victory.
  2. Game Modes: lichess provides a variety of game modes to suit your preferences and skill level. Play casual games for a relaxed experience or dive into rated games to improve your chess rating and climb the global leaderboard. You can also participate in tournaments and compete against players in exciting competitive events.
  3. Chess Variants: Beyond traditional chess, lichess offers various chess variants to spice up your gameplay. Explore different rulesets such as Chess960, Crazyhouse, Three-check, King of the Hill, and more. Each variant introduces unique challenges and strategic opportunities, adding a new layer of depth to your chess experience.
  4. Analysis Tools: Enhance your chess skills with lichess’ powerful analysis tools. Analyze your completed games to gain insights into your decision-making and discover areas for improvement. Access an extensive database of chess openings to expand your repertoire and learn different strategies. The analysis features enable you to deepen your understanding of the game and refine your tactics.

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  1. Puzzles and Training: Challenge your chess knowledge and problem-solving abilities with a wide selection of puzzles and tactical exercises. Solve puzzles of varying difficulty levels to sharpen your tactical vision, improve pattern recognition, and enhance your overall chess proficiency. The training section offers interactive lessons and tutorials to help players of all skill levels enhance their understanding of the game’s fundamental principles.
  2. Player Profiles and Statistics: Track your progress, analyze your performance, and monitor your chess development with detailed player profiles and statistics. Explore your win/loss record, rating history, and other metrics to gain valuable insights into your playing style and progress over time. Share your achievements and games with others, and follow the profiles of top players to learn from their strategies and techniques.
  3. Accessibility and Cross-Platform Compatibility: lichess is designed to be accessible to players of all backgrounds and skill levels. The game is available on various platforms, including desktop, mobile devices, and web browsers. Enjoy a seamless and consistent chess experience across different devices, allowing you to play and improve whenever and wherever you desire.
  4. Free and Open Source: lichess is committed to providing a high-quality chess experience completely free of charge. As an open-source platform, it fosters a strong community and encourages contributions from developers worldwide. This dedication to accessibility and collaboration ensures that lichess remains a vibrant and evolving platform for chess enthusiasts.

lichess • Free Online Chess delivers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience that caters to both casual players and serious chess enthusiasts. With its extensive online features, analysis tools, training resources, and diverse game modes, lichess offers an exceptional platform to enjoy the timeless game of chess and elevate your skills to new heights.

Beginner guide

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– Learn the Rules: Familiarize yourself with the basic rules of chess. Understand how each piece moves, the objective of the game (to checkmate your opponent’s king), and the concepts of capturing, castling, and promotion. There are plenty of online resources, tutorials, and books available to help you grasp the fundamentals.

– Practice Against the Computer: Start by playing against the computer at lower difficulty levels. This allows you to get comfortable with the mechanics, practice your moves, and gain confidence. The computer provides a great opportunity to experiment with different strategies and learn from your mistakes without the pressure of playing against human opponents.

– Solve Chess Puzzles: Engage in chess puzzles and tactical exercises to sharpen your thinking and improve your decision-making skills. Puzzles help you recognize patterns, calculate variations, and spot tactical opportunities on the chessboard. Many chess websites and apps offer puzzle sections that cater to players of all skill levels.

– Play Slow Time-Controlled Games: As a beginner, focus on playing slow time-controlled games rather than quick blitz or bullet games. This allows you to think through your moves more carefully, analyze the position, and plan your strategy. Take your time to make the best move possible and consider the consequences of each move.

– Study Basic Opening Principles: Familiarize yourself with some basic opening principles to establish a solid foundation in your games. Focus on controlling the center of the board, developing your pieces, and protecting your king. Learning a few simple opening moves and understanding their purpose will help you establish a good position in the early stages of the game.

– Analyze Your Games: After each game, take the time to review and analyze it. Look for mistakes, missed opportunities, and areas where you can improve. Use lichess’ analysis tools or a chess engine to evaluate your moves and gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your play. This analysis will help you identify patterns and learn from your experiences.

– Study Endgame Fundamentals: As you progress, dedicate some time to studying endgame fundamentals. Understanding basic endgame principles, such as pawn promotion, king and pawn endgames, and checkmating patterns, will give you an edge in the later stages of the game. There are numerous resources available, including books and online tutorials, to help you master endgame techniques.

– Participate in Tournaments and Events: Once you feel comfortable with your skills, consider participating in online tournaments and events. These provide opportunities to challenge yourself against different opponents, test your abilities, and measure your progress. Embrace the competitive aspect of chess and strive to improve with each game.

– Learn from Strong Players: Follow the games of strong players, watch live streams, and study their strategies. Explore annotated games and commentaries to gain insights into their thought processes and decision-making. Learning from experienced players can help you understand advanced concepts, improve your positional understanding, and broaden your chess knowledge.

– Enjoy the Journey: Above all, enjoy the process of learning and playing chess. Embrace the challenges, appreciate the beauty of the game, and savor your victories. Chess is a lifelong pursuit that offers continuous growth and intellectual stimulation. Embrace the joy of exploring the game and the satisfaction that comes with improvement.


In lichess • Free Online Chess, the possibilities are endless. From learning the basics to mastering advanced strategies, the game offers a platform for players of all levels to immerse themselves in the world of chess.

Whether you’re seeking to compete in tournaments, solve challenging puzzles, or simply enjoy the intellectual stimulation of the game, lichess provides a vibrant community and a wealth of resources to support your chess journey.

Download lichess now and unlock the doors to an exciting realm where strategy, skill, and passion converge.

Prepare to unleash your inner grandmaster and experience the timeless beauty of chess.

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lichess • Free Online Chess
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