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PAYDAY: Crime War is here to satisfy your craving for high-octane action and strategic planning. Download the game now and become a notorious criminal mastermind. Work together with your crew in thrilling PvP or PvE game modes, coordinating precise attacks, and outsmarting the authorities. Customize your loadout, unlock powerful weapons, and rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. The time has come to gather your crew, execute flawless plans, and leave your mark on the world of crime!

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PAYDAY: Crime War is an intense first-person shooter game that puts you in the shoes of a skilled criminal.

Dive into a world of high-stakes heists, daring robberies, and thrilling shootouts.

With its immersive gameplay, exciting game modes, comprehensive upgrade system, powerful power-ups, and standout features, PAYDAY: Crime War offers an unparalleled criminal experience.


The gameplay of PAYDAY: Crime War revolves around cooperative heists, where players work together in teams to complete various missions.

Engage in action-packed scenarios, such as bank heists, jewelry store robberies, and armored vehicle takedowns.

Coordinate with your crew to overcome security measures, subdue civilians, and outsmart the police.

The game features multiple game modes to keep players engaged.

Take on the challenging PvE mode, where you face off against AI-controlled enemies in intense heists

. Alternatively, engage in the thrilling PvP mode, where you compete against other players in team-based matches.

Choose your preferred mode and showcase your skills as a criminal mastermind.


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Upgrades play a crucial role in PAYDAY: Crime War. Earn in-game currency and experience points by successfully completing missions, and use them to upgrade your character’s skills and equipment.

Unlock powerful weapons, customize your loadout, and enhance your abilities to become an even more formidable criminal.

Upgrade your crew’s skills as well to maximize your chances of success during heists.

Power-ups in PAYDAY: Crime War provide temporary advantages during gameplay.

Discover and utilize various power-ups, such as health packs, ammunition crates, and temporary invulnerability, to gain the upper hand in intense firefights.

These power-ups can turn the tide of battle and provide a crucial boost when you need it the most.


The game boasts several standout features that enhance the overall experience.

Enjoy stunning graphics and realistic environments that bring the criminal underworld to life. Immerse yourself in the immersive audio design that captures the tension and excitement of heists.

Communicate and coordinate with your crew using in-game voice chat, ensuring seamless teamwork and efficient planning.

Player missions in PAYDAY: Crime War offer a wide range of objectives and challenges.

From stealthy infiltrations to all-out gunfights, each mission requires careful planning, coordination, and execution.

Experience a variety of scenarios, from small-scale heists to large-scale operations, each with their own unique objectives and obstacles.

In PAYDAY: Crime War, the choices you make and the actions you take shape the narrative and impact the outcome of your criminal career.

Embrace the life of a master thief, rise through the criminal ranks, and prove your worth as the ultimate heist mastermind.

Beginner guide

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  1. Master the Art of Stealth

In certain missions, stealth can be your best friend.

Use silenced weapons, take cover, and coordinate with your team to quietly neutralize guards and bypass security systems.

Avoid triggering alarms and minimize civilian casualties to increase your chances of success.

  1. Communication is Key

Effective communication with your team is essential for successful heists.

Use voice chat or in-game commands to relay information, coordinate movements, and plan strategies.

Assign roles to each team member, such as a lookout, hacker, or enforcer, to optimize your team’s efficiency and increase your chances of a clean getaway.

  1. Upgrade Wisely

Make strategic choices when upgrading your character and equipment.

Prioritize skills that align with your preferred playstyle. Focus on skills that enhance stealth, combat, or support abilities, depending on your role in the heist.

Similarly, invest in weapons and gear that suit your playstyle and the mission requirements.

  1. Stick to the Plan

Before starting a heist, develop a detailed plan with your team. Assign tasks, establish escape routes, and set clear objectives.

Stick to the plan unless unexpected circumstances arise.

Flexibility is important, but deviating too much from the plan can lead to chaos and jeopardize the mission’s success.

  1. Take Cover and Use Suppressive Fire

In intense gunfights, take cover behind solid objects and use them as shields.

Suppress enemy fire by providing covering fire to give your team a chance to advance or regroup.

Utilize grenades and special ammunition to disorient and weaken enemy forces.

  1. Manage Resources

Keep an eye on your ammo, health, and equipment during missions.

Ammo and health packs are scattered throughout the levels, so make use of them when needed.

Avoid unnecessary engagements and conserve resources for critical situations.

  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

PAYDAY: Crime War is all about teamwork.

Coordinate actions, watch each other’s backs, and be prepared to assist your teammates when needed.

Revive downed teammates, share resources, and work together to accomplish objectives.

A well-coordinated team has a higher chance of success.

  1. Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with the latest game updates, patch notes, and community discussions.

Developers often release improvements, balance changes, and new content based on player feedback.

Participate in the community forums, join dedicated Discord servers, and learn from experienced players to enhance your gameplay.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any skill, mastering PAYDAY: Crime War requires practice.

Spend time in the game’s tutorial mode to familiarize yourself with mechanics and controls.

Play through missions multiple times to improve your strategies and efficiency.

The more you practice, the more comfortable and skilled you will become.

  1. Stay Calm Under Pressure

Heists can get intense and chaotic, but it’s important to stay calm and composed.

Panicking or making rash decisions can lead to mission failure.

Keep a level head, communicate effectively, and adapt to changing circumstances.

By maintaining composure, you can overcome tough challenges and achieve victory.


Download PAYDAY: Crime War today and experience the rush of pulling off daring heists, outsmarting the police, and collaborating with a team of skilled criminals. With its immersive gameplay, addictive progression, and intense multiplayer action, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s time to unleash your criminal instincts and leave your mark on the criminal underworld!

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