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Plants vs. Zombies FREE – the legendary classic strategy game series of both PC and Mobile. Those who are fans of the zombies theme cannot ignore this game. A name familiar to anyone. So the version of Plants vs. What is the difference between Zombies FREE mobile? Read more in this article.


Plants vs. Zombies FREE is a popular game all over the world. A simple but extremely attractive offline zombies shooting game.

Start with the Plants vs. Zombies for PC. Bring resounding success to this game. Almost anyone with a computer owns this game.

The game is designed around the battles of plants with zombies to protect the host. The main battleground is in the back garden, the pool and on the roof. With each terrain, there will be specific types of zombies.

In addition, the game also has day and night division. Following that is the division of Plants. Includes optimal and optimal species. For players to use to fight zombies.

Those who have played Plants vs. Zombies PC version, even more should not ignore this name. You will fall in love with this brand new look of Plants vs. Zombies FREE.

Gameplay Plants vs. Zombies FREE


After the initial stages, we will have a fairly large garden with an area of ​​​​5 vertical rows and 9 horizontal rows. As the main arena where the battle between Plants vs. Zombies.

We will plant in the garden different plants depending on the strategy to protect the house and the owner of the house.

Plant species divide the main roles as follows:

– Supply of energy: Sunflowers, sun mushrooms (night)

– Attack: green beans, cactus, purple fat mushrooms and thin purple mushrooms, corn cobs, cabbage, watermelon, …

– Defense: Wall-nut

– Explode: Chili, Cherry bomb, Potato mine, Doom-shroom,…

There are also a lot of plants that have other tools such as freeze, support, cover, glow and other aquatic. Play gradually and you will see a lot of options in defending zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies FREE still retains the Zen Garden mode. A place for us to plant seeds to earn gold coins. From there, you can go to the shop to buy more support equipment when playing.

Features & Experience


– Plants vs. Zombies FREE includes many different game modes: night, day, fog, pool, roof. Each mode has 10 levels of increasing difficulty.

– System of diverse zombies, plants is taken from the original PC version.

– Simple gameplay, build, develop and defend. Although simple, but with difficult levels, it will need tactics and choose plants correctly.

– Play without internet

– Low game capacity, suitable for entertainment on all Android and iOS phones.

– No ads


Plants vs. Zombies FREE is one of the great choices in offline games. Content has been evaluated over the years and over generations. The game is completely free.

Rating 9.4 /10

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