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Pokemon incoming – the original role-playing adventure game. If you are a fan of the Pokemon cartoon, then don’t miss this latest mobile game. Learn more about the game in this article with APPNGON.

Pokemon Incoming is the newest title in the pokemon genre. The content of the incoming Pokemon is similar to the main character in the Pokemon set. Each person will be role-playing a character and begin the journey to collect and train Pokemon.


This game is unlike any other online pokemon game. Pokemon Incoming focuses on the experience of training, upgrading, and Pokemon battles.

In Pokemon incoming game you will love their pokemon features, leveling features, evolution.

Gameplay Pokemon incoming


Incoming Pokemon has 3 main game modes:

– Sage: These are the levels that are taken according to the plot. There are two main sections, Story and Hard. Having high difficulty will give higher rewards.

– Arena: Where real players fight and compete against each other. There are many smaller modes such as: Arena, Union War, PvP Arena, Global,…

– Adventure: The adventures are separated. It’s kind of like a side story to explore further.

You will be overwhelmed with the variety of attributes of pokemon. Including: plants, electricity, ice, fire, water, dragons, demons, flying, bugs,… The attributes will be mutually incompatible.

In addition, the pokemon are also divided in strength by rarity (A, B, S, SS) and number of stars (maximum 6 stars).

The tactical element in the Pokemon incoming game is not much, but there is an important element. The battle formation is divided into 2 rows, up to 6 pokemon.

There are many ways to make Pokemon stronger. Like:

– Evolve Pokemon

– Upgrade skills

– Increase the number of stars

– Equipment

However, the upgrade points are not limited. The maximum level will be calculated according to the character’s level. Players must become stronger to be able to control stronger pokemon.

Finally, the characters in the game are also quite important. Different characters will add stats to pokemon.

Features & Play Experience


– In the beginning, players will only need to spend a lot of time on Sage. Aim to level up characters and pokemon. By features, new maps will be unlocked by level.

– Auto mode the game screen so it will be very easy.

– A minus point of Pokemon incoming is the main interface. There are too many icons, it looks very confusing.

– Check in daily to accumulate and get 3 3 star S level pokemon. Will help players easily pass the Sage part.

– Although the pokemon system is many, it cannot be used all. If there is a mode for these pokemon, it would be better. Kind of like a per player farm or island.


The incoming pokemon game is suitable for those who love the simple adventure genre. In particular, fans of the Pokemon series cannot be ignored. Although it is a colorful game, this is the biggest drawback of the game.

Rating 7.5/10.

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Pokemon incoming
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