Sausage Man

Sausage Man – add a new online shooting game for gamers around the world. Featured with new shapes, many unique features. Guaranteed Sausage Man will satisfy any gamer. Join APPNGON to learn more about the game in this article.


Sausage Man is completely different from the majority of other survival shooters on phones. Possesses its own distinctive features in terms of images and graphics. Sausage Man is gradually winning the hearts of gamers around the world.

Sausage Man game is designed based on anime cartoon style. The buildings, weapons and characters are all devoid of any violence. You can imagine it like playing a Japanese anime game.

In terms of features, gameplay is not much different from PUBG or Free Fire.



Has an auto-fire feature. The player’s job will be to control the character to collect weapons and equipment. Then move the mind towards the opponent to destroy.

In Sausage Man the player can jump continuously to get to a higher position. Or dodge opponents during combat.

This game has a lot of daily missions. Complete them to earn some free gold.

Skills Ball identity card: Includes 2 main skills: flying like a jet to move to the target location, the second is turning into a ball. The advantage is being able to defend against a sudden attack, moving to find a safe place.

The number of weapons and equipment in Sausage Man is very much. They are spread all over the map, players will not need to worry about finding places to jump, which must be large buildings.

To revive teammates, look for respawn points.

The number of players is up to 100 people. A long and fascinating battle.

Features & Play Experience


– When fighting with other players. Keep jumping and moving so they can’t hit.

– Should choose a rifle and a sniper: easy to change tactics and attack the enemy from afar.

– When fighting in a team: remember to call and choose close positions for easy support

– Pay attention to the equipment: helmet and armor. Replace them when they are about to fail. Look at the stats on the equipment to determine.

– When jumping from above, don’t be afraid. There will be a mini helicopter to assist and you will not lose a single hp point. But don’t fly in front of the enemy either.


Sausage Man game is very suitable for those who love beauty and cartoon style. It is light but still extremely attractive. The game is not too heavy like other competitors. A mid-range machine will also be able to play this Sausage Man game.

Rating 8/10

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