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Tales of Grimm stands out in the crowded RPG genre by offering players a seamless blend of engaging narratives and idle mechanics. The game’s intuitive design allows your characters to continue their quest, battling foes and gathering resources, even when you’re not actively playing. This feature ensures that your journey through the fairy tale world is continuous, with new surprises and advancements awaiting each time you return. The strategic element comes into play as you assemble your team of fairy tale characters, each with unique abilities and skills that need to be optimized for battle. The combination of character development, team strategy, and idle progression creates a gameplay experience that is both rewarding and accessible.


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Tales of Grimm offers an engaging gameplay experience that skillfully combines the depth of RPG games with the ease of idle game mechanics.

Players embark on a journey through a mystical world inspired by classic fairy tales, assembling a team of iconic characters each with their own unique abilities and backstories.

The game challenges players to strategically select and upgrade their heroes to tackle various challenges and enemies that lie in their path.

The idle component of Tales of Grimm ensures that progress is made even when players are away, with characters automatically engaging in battles and collecting resources.

This allows for a satisfying sense of continuous advancement, perfect for players who appreciate the ability to progress without constant active involvement.

However, strategic decisions made by the player, such as team composition, hero upgrades, and the use of special abilities, remain crucial to overcoming tougher obstacles and bosses, providing an engaging balance between idle convenience and RPG strategy.

Exploration is a key aspect of Tales of Grimm, with a vast and beautifully crafted world filled with hidden secrets, challenging dungeons, and compelling storylines.

The game’s narrative unfolds as players venture through various realms, each inspired by different fairy tales, adding depth and immersion to the gameplay.

With its blend of strategic combat, character development, and idle progression, Tales of Grimm offers a unique and captivating experience for both seasoned RPG players and those new to the genre, making every moment in the game a magical adventure.

Why we must play this game

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Tales of Grimm captivates players with a blend of elements that make it a standout title in the realms of RPG games and idle games. Here are five key aspects that draw players to this enchanting adventure:

  1. Fairy Tale Inspired World: The game’s setting in a world inspired by classic fairy tales and legends is a significant draw. Players can interact with well-known characters reimagined in unique ways, adding a layer of familiarity and novelty to the exploration and storytelling, making it appealing to fans of fantasy and folklore.
  2. Strategic Gameplay: Despite its idle mechanics, Tales of Grimm offers strategic depth in team composition and hero upgrades. Players must thoughtfully select their characters and optimize their abilities to succeed in battles, appealing to those who enjoy tactical decision-making in their RPG experiences.
  3. Idle Progression: The game’s idle features allow for continuous character development and resource collection, even when players are not actively engaged. This aspect is particularly attractive to players who appreciate the sense of progression and achievement without the need for constant attention.
  4. Engaging Narrative: The storyline of Tales of Grimm is woven with intriguing plots and quests that delve into the lore of the fairy tale world. The narrative-driven gameplay, combined with the charm of the characters, provides a compelling reason for players to embark on this journey, making each quest and battle part of a larger, captivating story.
  5. Vibrant Graphics and Art Style: The game’s visuals are another point of attraction, with vibrant graphics and a distinct art style that bring the magical world and its inhabitants to life. The attention to detail in the character designs and environments enhances the overall immersion, making Tales of Grimm a visually appealing experience for players who appreciate aesthetic beauty in their games.

These features combine to make Tales of Grimm an engaging game that offers a unique blend of familiar fairy tale charm, strategic RPG elements, and the convenience of idle gameplay, catering to a wide audience of gamers looking for a magical and rewarding adventure.

Similar games

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For fans of Tales of Grimm who enjoy the fusion of RPG elements, idle mechanics, and enchanting storytelling, several other games offer similar experiences with their unique twists:

  1. AFK Arena: This game combines idle game mechanics with RPG elements, allowing players to build a team of heroes that battle automatically, earning rewards even when offline. The game is known for its rich lore, diverse characters, and strategic depth in team composition and progression.
  2. Idle Heroes: Offering a mix of idle gameplay and RPG strategy, Idle Heroes tasks players with assembling a team of heroes to fight in automated battles. Players can upgrade their heroes, explore dungeons, and participate in various events, all within a fantasy setting.
  3. Summoners War: Sky Arena: While more active than a traditional idle game, Summoners War blends RPG strategy with monster collecting and battling. Players can summon and train a variety of creatures, each with unique skills, to fight in strategic turn-based battles.
  4. Crusaders Quest: This game features pixel art graphics and a blend of real-time and idle gameplay mechanics. Players collect and upgrade a diverse cast of characters, leading them through battles that combine strategic planning with action-packed combat.
  5. Endless Frontier: Endless Frontier offers idle RPG gameplay with an emphasis on automated battles and hero progression. Players can upgrade their characters, explore new territories, and engage in PvP battles, all set against a backdrop of fantasy and adventure.

Each of these games provides a unique take on combining RPG strategies with idle game convenience, catering to various aspects of what makes Tales of Grimm appealing. Whether through engaging character development, strategic battles, or the joy of exploration and storytelling, these titles promise entertaining adventures for players seeking their next idle RPG experience.

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Dive into the world of Tales of Grimm and become part of a growing community of players who appreciate the artful blend of RPG storytelling and idle game convenience. Regular updates enrich the game with fresh content, new characters, and exciting quests, ensuring the magic of the fairy tale world never fades. Download Tales of Grimm today and embark on an epic adventure where your strategic choices and the tales of old weave together to create a unique gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG enthusiast or new to the genre, Tales of Grimm offers an enchanting journey through a world where fairy tales come to life, and every idle moment is an opportunity for greatness.


Tales of Grimm
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