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Take the lead, dominate the battlefield, and show your mastery of tank warfare in Tank Company. Download the game now and experience the thrill of commanding powerful war machines, engage in strategic battles, and rise through the ranks of the global tank warfare community. The battlefield awaits – will you answer the call? Don’t hesitate – download Tank Company today and embark on an epic armored adventure!

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Tank Company is a thrilling and immersive tank warfare game that puts you in the commander’s seat of powerful war machines. Here is a detailed description of the game’s content:

Realistic Tank Battles

Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of realistic tank battles. Engage in intense 15 vs. 15 multiplayer battles where strategy, skill, and teamwork are key to victory. Navigate treacherous terrains, exploit cover, and utilize the strengths of your tank to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents. With realistic tank physics and mechanics, Tank Company delivers an authentic tank warfare experience that will satisfy even the most avid tank enthusiasts.

Diverse Tank Arsenal

Take command of an extensive collection of historically accurate tanks from different eras and nations. From iconic World War II tanks like the Sherman and Tiger to modern battle machines, Tank Company offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Each tank has its own unique attributes, including armor thickness, firepower, and mobility. Experiment with different tanks to find your preferred playstyle and develop strategies to dominate the battlefield.

Upgrades and Customization

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Enhance the performance of your tanks through upgrades and customization options. Earn experience points in battle to unlock new modules, weapons, and equipment that will bolster your tank’s capabilities. Customize the appearance of your tanks with various skins, camouflage patterns, and emblems to make them stand out on the battlefield. Tailor your tanks to match your tactical preferences and showcase your personal style.

Multiplayer Warfare

Immerse yourself in intense multiplayer warfare in Tank Company. Join forces with friends or team up with other players to form alliances and conquer the battlefield together. Communicate with teammates using voice chat to coordinate strategies, execute synchronized attacks, and secure victory. Participate in clan wars, compete in ranked battles, and prove your skills against skilled opponents from around the world. Tank Company offers a vibrant and competitive community where tank commanders can test their mettle and rise through the ranks.

Continuous Development

Tank Company is a game that continues to evolve with regular updates and new content. Expect to see fresh tanks, maps, game modes, and features added to the game over time, ensuring that your tank warfare experience remains dynamic and engaging. The developers are committed to listening to player feedback and improving the game based on community input, ensuring a rich and evolving gameplay experience.

Beginner guide

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  1. Master Tank Controls and Movement

Familiarize yourself with the tank controls and movement mechanics. Practice maneuvering your tank effectively, including turning, accelerating, and reversing.

Understand the different types of terrain and how they can impact your tank’s mobility. Use cover wisely to protect yourself from enemy fire while positioning yourself for advantageous attacks.

Experiment with different movement strategies such as flanking, ambushing, or retreating based on the situation. Adapt your movement tactics to gain the upper hand in battles.

  1. Learn Effective Shooting Techniques

Take the time to understand tank weaponry and shooting mechanics. Practice aiming and hitting targets accurately, considering factors like bullet drop, travel time, and penetration.

Study tank weak points and armor thickness to exploit enemy vulnerabilities. Aim for critical spots like engine compartments or ammo racks to maximize damage.

Use the environment to your advantage by using cover, angling your tank to increase armor effectiveness, and utilizing elevation for better firing angles.

  1. Teamwork and Communication

Tank warfare is often a team effort, so communicate effectively with your teammates. Use in-game voice chat or text chat to coordinate strategies, share information, and call out enemy positions.

Work together with your team, especially in multiplayer battles. Assign roles and collaborate on tactics to create synergistic attacks and provide support to your teammates.

Keep an eye on the minimap to stay aware of the overall battlefield situation. Share important information, such as enemy sightings or strategic objectives, to ensure your team stays informed and can respond accordingly.

  1. Understand Tank Roles and Playstyles

Each tank has a specific role on the battlefield, such as heavy tanks for soaking up damage or light tanks for scouting and flanking. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your tank’s role and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Develop situational awareness to determine the best approach for each battle. Assess the composition of both teams, the map layout, and the objectives to adapt your strategy and make informed decisions.

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your tank’s characteristics, such as armor, firepower, and mobility, to maximize its potential. Play to your tank’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses.

  1. Continuous Learning and Improvement

Regularly review replays of your battles to identify areas for improvement. Analyze your positioning, decision-making, and shooting accuracy to spot areas that need refinement.

Stay updated with game updates, patch notes, and community discussions to learn about new tactics, tank adjustments, and strategies from experienced players.

Join online forums, social media groups, or communities dedicated to Tank Company to connect with fellow tank commanders. Share tips, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences.


Are you ready to test your mettle, dominate the battlefield, and leave your mark as a legendary tank commander? The time is now. Don’t wait any longer – step into the world of Tank Company and show the world what you’re made of!

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