The Silent Age

The Silent Age – a puzzle adventure game in the classic style of the 70s. Except for the images and graphics you will find this is a very interesting and unique game. See more by reading this article by APPNGON.


The Silent Age is designed with 2d graphics. The main color is dark. Not designed lavishly, splendidly with eye-catching colors. The content of the game is similar to how we see it.

The main character’s name is Joe, a person more ordinary than others. This is shown from the character’s gestures, actions and expressive nuances.

The content revolves around Joe’s adventures through different situations. From the situation of being falsely accused of killing the professor to going to the police station to take testimony… It slowly attracts players with curiosity and puzzle solving challenges.

So, how to play?

Gameplay The Silent Age


As the name implies, use a headset to hear the sounds and dialogue in the game.

Minimalistic point-and-click controls. From moving the character, picking up tools, performing actions,… And Joe’s character is quite slow, don’t try to rush him.

Each game screen will correspond to puzzles that need to be solved. You will need to find the answer through the prompts from the dialogue and the situation in front of you. Find support items to pass the level.

The game is divided into many parts to play, associated with many different locations. You will not get bored while playing.

The Silent Age requires the player’s thinking and logic abilities. So try to read the dialogues. It will make the game more attractive and engaging.

Play The Silent Age game without internet. So you can play anywhere, anytime. Each level is also relatively fast.

Features & Experience


– If you love detective games, puzzle adventure, The Silent Age is a great choice. No fancy colors, find the solution to unlock the next level.

– The game has a clear storyline. You will find an ending that is not like an open-ended game.

– Simple operation but sometimes makes it difficult for players. Many times you will need to click multiple times for the character to take action.

– Chapter 1 is free, and chapters 2 and 3 will cost you to play.


The Silent Age is suitable for those who love adventure and want to try their hand at puzzles. The game has a simple structure, the images are average. To play The Silent Age you will need time and money to fully experience it.

Rating 8.5/10

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The Silent Age
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